Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

Hello my lovely readers,

When I went to London, the thing that was on top of my wishlist was a brush from Real Techniques. I really wanted to get a set but when I stood in front of the products, the prices were higher than I had expected them to be. I do not know why but I just thought they were a little bit cheaper, I hesitated and doubted but when G and I spotted a Boots at St Pancras Station (we were waiting for our train back to Brussels), I bowed and bought a brush. I only bought one but I have heard so many good things about this particular brush that I'm sure that I will like it. Let's take a look at the 'Expert Face Brush'.
The brushes from Real Techniques are either purple, pink or orange and are divided into three categories. Orange brushes for a flawless base, purple brushes for enhanced eyes and pink brushes for the perfect finish. There are also some 'On Location' brushes that are perfect to use on the go. At the moment there are three sets; the duo-fiber collection, the starter set and the core collection but in October a new limited edition set will launch called 'Nic's Picks'.
For now I'm just going to talk about the Expert Face Brush, a brush that is design to apply or blend cream of liquid foundation but also works for contouring or applying powder. I have tried all three ways and even though is does work good in every way, applying foundation with it is my favourite way. It applies my liquid foundation like a dream, it is quick and the result is flawless.
This brush has a lot of hairs that stand closely together and therefore make it a very dense and firm brush. Still this brush is really soft and pleasant to work with. The shape is also like nothing I have seen before, it is small and oval and can be used multiple ways like I wrote before. You can also apply your foundation in two different ways, you can use either circular or sweeping motions. I prefer using a circular motions because this gives me a more flawless result, it just depends on what you like.
For me the brush has the perfect size, is a little bit longer then the average pen and therefore really easy to handle. Another thing I find really good the weight, this brush is very lightweight and almost does not weigh anything, this makes it even more easier to work with.
I bought this brush at Boots for £9,99 but you can also easily order the brushes from Real Technique online. 


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