Photos of France: The Market in Nyons

Hello my lovely readers,

Once you're reading this I'm already on my second holiday this summer but now, on the day that I write this post, I've just returned from France. I had one of the best holidays ever, made new friends, catched up with old friends, laid in the sun, danced in the rain, swum in a pool, walked through small villages and just enjoyed my life a lot. Another thing I did was take a lot of photos and I thought it would be fun to share some of those with you. I have no idea how many of these posts I'm going to do but this is the first one, today I'm sharing the photos I shot on a French market.
Before I'm showing you any photos, I'm going to give you a little geography lesson. On the picture above you can see the card of France and the market that I went to was in Nyons. It's a small city in between Valence and Avignon and was approximately 45 minutes away from where I stayed. The city is a typical french city and the market is not huge but not small either, just really cute and pretty. The market started on a little plaza and went into a narrow street, there were a lot of cute little stalls with many many products.
This is just a small selection of all the stalls that were there, there were so many colours, scents and tastes that it tickled all my senses. I've only made one photo of a stall with food, fruit in this case, but there were a lot more. Stalls with meat, cheese and fish but also with candy, soup and nougat. I didn't buy anything but every stall had things that you could taste, so I was stuffed in the end...
Next to all the food, accessories and other things there was also music. There were quite a lot of street artists but these two guys were the best (by far). They didn't sing but they just played the guitar, I was hypnotized, so beautiful. I rarely give money to street musicians but these guys definitely deserved it.
Next to those two guys there was an amazing little icecream car. The Italian ice they sold was amazing, I even think it was one of the best icecreams that I've ever had. I went for pêche blanche (white peach) with orange sanguine (blood orange) and it tasted amazing!
I also walked passed a long line with flags, it was probably 20 meters long and I don't know why but I just had to take a photo of it. Sadly the Dutch flag isn't visible on the photo (it hangs next to the one from the spain at the end) GO HOLLAND!
I had a lovely day in Nyons, the weather was amazing and all the people at the market were so nice! I hope you liked seeing these photos and maybe I'll also show you some of the other places I visited... We'll see.


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