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In June I bought my first products from MUA (reviews here and here) and since then I have used them a lot, especially the 'Undressed' eyeshadow palette has found it's way into my daily makeup routine. Here in the Netherlands, the nearest store where they sell MUA is still approximately 15 kilometers away. In London however, you being bombarded with MUA products in Boots and Superdrug and I bought two new eyeshadow palettes. The one I'm reviewing today is the 'Undressed Me To' palette.
Mua says:
Wow! try MUA Pro's seductive 12 shade palette, creating endless looks mixing soft neutrals and cool greys with stunning gold metallics. The Undress Me Too Palette embraces this season's fresh-faced look and urges you to strip back and go nude! Made up of 12 warm and timeless shades, this palette will suit all skin tones and any occasion.
Unlike the 'Undressed' palette this one is white, it even has a white brush to go with it. Again the lid is clear which makes it really easy to see  which palette it is and what the colours in it are. On the back of the palette you can find the names of the shades, for me this is really useful because it is easier to tell you which colours I'm using but I also think it is more fun. What shade would you use faster? A shade that is called 7 or a shade that has a funny/sexy/nice name?
Naked - Devotion - Shy - Fiery - Lavish - Dreamy
Tranquil - Exposed - Reveal - Wink - Obsessed - Corrupt
For some reason I'm not that good in swatching many shades, I do not know if it is me or my camera but I always have the issue that half of the swatches is out of focus. 
This is the top row, this row is very neutral and has some highlighting colours. My favourites are Fiery and Lavish
  • Naked: This is a light, nude shade with a subtle golden shimmer, the shade is almost invisible on my skin because it is so light. This eyeshadow is a little bit chalky but still really good to use as a highlighter or to blend 
  • Devotion: This is a shimmery golden shade that's is really buttery and well pigmented. MUA says this is a good highlighter but it's way too pigmented for that purpose. 
  • Shy: This is a light, nude, vanilla-like shade with a subtle silver shimmer and just like Naked, it's barely visible. It's a pretty subtle highlighter but again, a little bit chalky.   
  • Fiery: This is a copper toned shimmery shade that I find absolutely gorgeous. The shade is very well pigmented and has a shit load of shimmer without being chalky or looking cheap, it looks really high end and the texture is nice and buttery.
  • Lavish: This is a matte taupe shade and the other shade that I love. On the photo this shade does not come across as pretty but in real life is beautiful.
  • Dreamy: This is a brown shimmery shade, simple but pretty. 
These are the shades from the bottom row, these are much darker but still neutral and a good addition to the previous six shades, it gives the palette more dimension. My favourites are Exposed, Reveal and Wink.

  • Tranquil: This is a cold gold, a shade that I do not see an awful lot even though it is beautiful. The shade has a lot of shimmers in it, it is not my favourite because I prefer warmer colours on my eyes but still beautiful in both quality and appearance.  
  • Exposed: This is a cool grey/silver shade and it really adds a lot to this palette. Most nude palettes only have nude shades in it but this shade makes this palette way more versatile. It is a gorgeous shade and the texture is nice and buttery.
  • Reveal: This is a very unique shade, it's a light taupe/brown/nude/silver shade with a lot of shimmers through it. This is one my favourites because I cannot really tell how I should call it and the texture is like most of the shades nice and buttery. 
  • Wink: This is a warm shimmery brown that has been done a million times but stays very pretty. The texture is nice and buttery and the pigmentation is amazing. On my favourite shades.  
  • Obsessed: This is a rich dark brown with a silver shimmer in it, not something that I own already. A very different shade that has a nice buttery texture and is nicely pigmented.  
  • Corrupt: I was expecting a deep matte black this does not even come near that, it more a dark grey and the texture is very chalky, no this is not a good one.  
The look I made with the palette is really simple and natural but with a twist. To make this look I applied Fiery all over my lid, Lavish and Obsessed blended together in my crease and Shy as a brow and inner corner highlight. It is really simple but it looks very pretty and autumnal, even though it is technically still summer. The only other products I used are my Maybelline One By One Mascara and my Essence Stays No Matter What Eyepencil in 05 Cute Copper along my lower lashline.
The other products I used:
Rimmel Match Perfection Light Reflecting Radiance Foundation: 100 Ivory (review)
Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer: 1 Fair (review
Essence Eyebrow Stylist Set
Catrice All Matt Plus Shine Control Powder: 010 Transparent (review)
Catrice Luminizing Bronzer: C01 Shimmering Shade (review)
Catrice Prime And Fine Highlighting Powder: 010 Fairy Dust
Essence Lipliner: 08 Red Blush (review)
Rimmel Lasting Finish By Kate Lipstick: 01
I'm very happy with my new MUA palette and this will for sure be a stable in my autumn makeup routine, I love the shimmery shades and the matte shades make this palette great for everyday. The quality of most shadows is great and that all for a very decent price. This palette costs £4,00 and her in Holland you can buy it at Kruidvat for €5,99. This is a little bit more expensive then in Englandbut still really cheap for such a great palette.

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