Maybelline One by One Mascara

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Every three months I buy a new mascara and just before I went on my holiday holiday to France, it was time to get a new one. I usually buy rather cheap mascaras (from Catrice for instance) but Maybelline was on sale. It was 1+1 for free and G and I both bought a new mascara which basically meant that we got them for 50% off. Here in the Netherlands thats a very good deal since mascaras from Maybelline are usually 15 or 16 euros and now the price was a lot more appealing.
I went for a mascara that I had never tried before, it's called the 'One by One Volum' Express Mascara' and there are two versions available. I got the satin black one but there's also a waterproof version. According to Maybelline this mascara captures, coats and cleans every lash for big, clean volume from root-to-tip due to the exclusive 'Lash Catcher' brush. It promises to give your lashes a lot of volume without clumps. Sounds really good if you ask me.
This mascara has the same packaging as all the other Maybelline mascaras but this one comes in a fiery red colour. It also has some corset details, I don't really know what this has to do with mascara but I like these small details.
The brush that Maybelline calls 'The Lash Catcher' is a medium size, plastic, oval-shaped wand and I have to give them credit for it. It's really easy to work with this and even though it's not the smallest wand, you can still easily reach each lash.
Like I said, it's really easy to apply this mascara and because the wand has a bobble, the amount of mascara that you get to apply is just right. On the photos above you can see the result on my lashes, they're longer, nicely separated, black and curled but I didn't use a lash curler. The hold of this mascara is also great, after a long warm day my lashes still looked the same as they did during the beginning. They stayed nicely curled and there weren't any flakes. A thing that I find really odd is the fact that my lashes stayed soft and flexible, normally mascara makes your lashes hard and stiff but this one you cannot feel if you touch your lashes. It makes your lashes feel a little bit like plastic or silicon, really weird but it works so you won't hear me.
The add for the mascara
I didn't expect a whole lot when I bought this mascara since my experiences with Maybelline ones weren't' always that great. The One by One mascara however, is everything I want in a mascara. Voluminous, black and curled lashes that stay put all day without flakes or clumps. '

You can buy this mascara at most drugstores and the price is around €15,00.

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