London Fashion Haul

Hello my lovely readers,

Yesterday I came back from my week in London and you can imagine a shopaholic like me in a big shopping paradise like London. Me and G went into a lot of stores and we did quite a lot of shopping. Today I'm showing you all the fashion related items I bought, enjoy!
We went into quite a lot of stores, we went to the big Primark on Oxford Street, the big department stores like Selfridges, Liberty's and Harrods, Victoria's Secret and a lot of beauty stores (a beauty haul is also on it's way.
I'm starting this haul of with the items I got at Primark, we went twice but I didn't buy as much as I usually do there. I do not know why but for me the magic is gone when it comes to Primark, the clothes are cute but it all seems a bit too expensive for what it actually is. This dress was one of the few things that I really likes, it is a flowy blue dress with some plants and birds on it, the sleeves have a slit in it and it just looks really elegant on.. This dress was £13,00.
The next item I bought it this jacquard print grey tee. I wanted some items that I could just wear on as pair of jeans with a nice necklace and I thought this would be perfect for that. It is really simple but really cute and it was £5,00.
This is another top I bought to simply wear on a pair of jeans, I think this would look super cute with a simple black blazer, a light pair of jeans, a dainty necklace and a pair of black heels. This fushia swing top was £3,00.
G and I both got this incredibly cute pyjama top, the little guard on it is just too adorable and the t-shirt is incredibly comfy. This tee was £4,00.
I bought two bags on this trip, both at primark and both really adorable. The one on the left is a really cute burgundy/purple pushlock bag that reminds me a bit of the Celine bags and was only £8,00. The backpack on the right is a really cute lightweight tribal little number. This was the bag that I used most of the time in London and it was only £9,00.
I usually buy a lot of jewelry at Primark but time I could only find one piece that I liked, this pretty necklace. This necklace has a metal bar that's wrapped in suede and I really like the colour of the metal, looks kind of old and vintage. It was £3,00.
For the first time in my life I also bought some scrunchies (do not judge me please). Do not get me wrong, I do not think these are pretty or cute or anything, they are just really useful. When I am at home I always wear my hair in a topknot and I heard that these elastics tuck your hair less than normal ones. I have to agree with that, I really feel like this is a little bit better for you hair! They came in a pack of three and were £1,00.
Can you imagine it, me, as a shoeaholic, only buying one pair of shoes? Well it is true, the thought of having to carry it with me withdrew me but these simple black heels were are a pair that I just could not resist. They are made out of a fake suede and they feel really nice and sturdy, the heel has a good height and they were only £12,00. This was the last item I bought at Primark (apart from some socks and a linen bag to carry it all in) and I am super happy with my new goodies. Of course this was not the only store I went to let's move on to H&M.  
The first item I bought at H&M is this super comfy burgundy vest. During the winter-time I'm a huge fan of oversized large vests and this one went perfectly with a dress I also bought (the next one). This was only £7,99.
And this is the dress I meant, it is one of those oversized skater dresses and at first I did not like these types of dresses at all. That changed when I tried it on, this is super comfy and looks really cute. I absolutely love the print of this dress and the print is good for the whole year I think, the only downside is that it is fairly short for me since I'm quite tall but that doesn't bother me that much. This dress was £14,99.
In our hotelroom it was really hot and I, with my stupid head, only brought long pyjama bottoms. Therefore I bought this really cute light pink short with hearts all over it. Nothing that special but really cute and comfy (I see a theme here), it was £3,99.  
The last item I got from H&M is this dainty piece of jewelry. This necklace is small and cute and looks really fragile, it hits me just underneath my collarbones and I think it is one of the cutest things I own now. It was only £1`,99. and therefore I just could not leave it, on to the next store!
While I was in London my cousin got married and this is definately the dress I would have worn if I had been there. Unfortunately I was not there and when I found this blueish-grey dress in New Look I just could not leave it hanging there. This blue shade is one of my favourite colours and I love this dress a lot (even though I have no idea when I'm going to wear it). With £19,99, it was not the cheapest dress but still a really good price for such a nice dress.
When we went to the Portobello Road Market I bought this cute white top, it was sold in a stand with a lot of tops with a Banksy print on it but I have no idea if this is also one. Still I think this is a really cool top that I will probably get a lot of use out, it was three for £12,00 so this top only cost me £4,00. 
And this gorgeous bra from Victoria's Secret is the last fashion (sort of) item I bought in London. When we stood in the store I was not sure if I should do it but than I thought, f*ck it, and I bought it. It was originally £45,00 but when I was checking-out the guy that helped me asked if I wanted £10,00 off. Of course I wanted that! 

I super happy with the items I got while I was in London and I think these items will always remind me of this awesome trip. On Sunday I will post my beauty haul and I can already say that I bought way too much, oeps. 

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