Holiday Beauty: What's In My Pool Bag

Hello my lovely readers,

Today it's time for the last installment of my Holiday Beauty series. I've seen a lot of people do this over the past couple of years and when I was thinking of another blogpost that would fit in my holiday theme this is what I thought off. It's time to share the products in my beach/pool bag with you!
This is the bag I use for as my pool bag, it was a free one that came with some Vichy products somewhere around last year. For me this size is just right because everything fits in it but isn't too massive. This is also the bag that will be my travel bag in the car.
Of course I have to have a towel in my bag, this is one of those massive towels that are bigger than I actually am and I love these. I never really take a smaller towel with me to dry myself because I prefer to just lay down and let the sun do it's magic.
I also take some reading material with me because I would get really bored otherwise. I never take all three of these with me though, just the I'm using at that moment. The reader I've actually never taken with me on a holiday so I'm eager to see how that goes. Personally I still like actual books better but who knows. that might change.
Another thing that's quite obvious to take with you to the pool is a pair of sunglasses. I'm taking two sunglasses with me on this holiday, this big one and a smaller pair. I don't really have a favourite one, so I'll just pick the one I'm feeling that day.
And this is all the beauty related stuff thats in my bag, and not even all of it will be in my bag everyday. There will only be one sunscreen in my bag and my favourite one of the moment is that one from Garnier. On my face I use a special sunscreen, the Vichy one I'm loving at the moment is from Vichy. I'm also going to take something for my hair with me this year, I never brought stuff like that in my pool bag but I'm planning to take this volume mist with me in my bag.
That was it already, these three black things are the last things you'll find in my bag.  On the left you can see my phone and in the middle you see a little black pouch. This usually holds my medicine but now it holds my earbuds, money and other small things that I happen to wanna take with me. On the right you see my iPod, I know it's dying but at the moment I cannot afford to get it fixed or get a new one.

And then we're done, I've shown you everything in my bag. The only other things that will probably be in there are a bottle of water and some snack but those I don't have at the moment and I'll probably buy them in one of those huge supermarkets. I hope you've enjoyed this post!


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