Catrice Limited Edition - Check & Tweed (half September/October)

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Last Saturday I reviewed three gorgeous products from the new Catrice limited edition 'Metallure' and today I'm going to show you what the next le will be. Halfway through september their new le called 'Check & Tweed' will launch. This brit chic collection will be a perfect blend of understatement, girlish charm and a hint of rebellion. Key products include the plaid trench coat, the classic pencil skirt and shirt dresses with clear-cut silhouettes, traditionally crafted and made of the finest materials. Numerous international designers have interpreted and combined these fashion classics in completely new ways that pay homage to aristocratic style. Let's take a look at the actual products of the collection.
Quattro Baked Eyeshadow €4,59
Destination Hyde Park. Baked powder eyeshadows with a light pearl effect in two different colour versions. Can be applied moist or dry to create extremely British and sophisticated eye make-up looks. Jade, baby pink, cream and chocolate or caramel, blue, brown and apricot give you a trendy british look. 
Available in C01 London's Eye and C02 Town of Crown.

Eyebrow Fixing Gel €3,39
Instant Elegance. Well-groomed, smoothly arched eyebrows set the perfect frame for beautiful eye make-up styles. The naturally tinted gel with a light, almost transparent colour-dispersion models and defines your brows. The integrated fibre brush makes application even easier. 
Available in C01 Neutrally Brown. 
Velvet Lip Colour €3,99
Trench Kisses. The Velvet Lip Colours, available in an option of reddish brown, orangey red and Bordeaux, are extremely convincing with their pleasant texture and elegant, semi-matt finish. The slim stick packaging looks incredible and can be taken along wherever you go. A complement to femininity. 
Available in C01 Queen's BEAUTea Time, C02 Mind The Red! and C03 Brit Chick.
Highlighting Powder €4,49
Londons Highlights. The silky powder with light-reflecting pigments sets beautiful highlights on your face and neckline. The two-tone diamond design with light powder and darker shimmer pigments is a true eye-catcher, too. 
Available in C01 Flagg The Union Jack.
Ultimate Nail Lacquer €2,99
Style Check. These colours with ultimate coverage are the ideal companions in the autumn season and an absolute must for stylish nails. Modern hunting green and grey-blue meet upon classic rusty red, camel and soft rosé – all with a pearly finish. The extra-broad reservoir brush captures just the right amount of polish needed for one nail and offers perfect results without streaks. 
Available in C01 London Calling, C02 England's Rose, C03 Mind The Red!, C04 Brit Chick and C05 Hyde In The Park.
I'm really looking forward to this collection, you can clearly see similarities to Burberry and the eyeshadow quattro's look very similar to the Chanel ones, I love it! The products I'm mostly looking forward to the eyeshadows and lip colours, let's just hope they are nicely pigmented but we'll have to wait until september to find out!


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