The Body Shop Vineyard Peach Shower Gel

Hello my lovelies,

Last year everybody on the internet was raving about the 'Vineyard Peach' collection from The Body Shop but I never jumped on that train. I'm a huge The Body Shop fan but I always find that their products are slightly overpriced, 16/18 euros is quite expensive for a body butter in my opinion. That's why I really only but their products during the sales. When you're reading this that sale will be over but don't be said, The Body Shop has a few sales during a year and you'll probably don't have to wait long for another one. 
This time I bought two products from the 'Vineyard Peach' line and like I wrote before, last year every beauty blogger had this line and I've seen it in a lot of favourites afterwards. I would have loved to try the body butter of this line but I couldn't find it, not on sale and not in the non-sale section. The shower gel however, was on sale and that's the product I bought. The fact that I couldn't find the body butter however does make me think that this is a special/limited edition.
I really love the shower gels from TBS and this one is no exception. Their shower gels are just spot on, I've tried a few of them now and non of them have let me down. They always foam up really well, which you can see in the photos below, and they smell really nice to. Not too strong but strong enough to let your bathroom and body smell like a nice pink peach.
The shower gel has a light orange shade, just like a peach DUH, and you just need a little bit to cover your whole body with foam. After I shower with this, my skin doesn't feel dried out, in fact my skin feels very hydrated after I use it. I feel like I don't need another moisturizing product afterwards, even though I still use one because I just love the feeling of putting a rich body butter on to my body.
I'm extremely happy with this new addition to my shower gel collection (that's currently consisting out of mostly orange products) and I think this will become a very big favourite of mine. While I'm writing this the shower gel is still available online (click here) for only €3,50.
My next post will be wednesday and than I'll write about the other product I bought during the TBS sale, so you'll have to come back the day after tomorrow if you want to know what other product I bought.


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