The Body Shop Blueberry Body Butter

Hello my lovely readers,

Last Monday I wrote a review about the shower gel I bought during the TBS sale and today I'm writing about the other thing I bought, a body butter. Just like the 'Vineyard Peach' this is a much raved about product and now that it was on sale, it was finally my change to try it.
At the beginning of this year I ate my first blueberries, I never tried them and I don't know why because they're delicious. Since then I've sort of been addicted to them and I really hope this body butter will be just as good as the real deal.
This body butter comes in a greyish blue jar with a giant blueberry on top. I also learned the french word for blueberry of it, myrtille, which is funny since I have a friend whose name is very similar.Basically I have a friend called blueberry. Also there is a qr-code on the back which takes you to a page where you can buy this body butter again. It doesn't make much sense to me but the blueberry in the middle of it is a fun detail.
The actual body butter that's in it is really hard, just like real butter. I personally like these type of body butter because they're super moisturizing. Another thing I love about this body butter is the scent, it truly smells like blueberries and the scent is quite strong but not overwhelming.
This body butter usually costs €16,- but on sale this was only €8,-, which is a far better price.  For this price you do get quite a lot, 200 ml.  This is a limited edition and I don't know for how long this available but I'm sure this will be relaunched because it's absolutely amazing.


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