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Before I start this post I want to give my deepest condolences to the friends and families of the passengers and crew of Malaysian flight MH17. I really hope you can find strength and support during these dark times and even though I'm not good at writing such things, I didn't think I could say nothing about it. There were almost 300 people on this plane, more than half of them were from my country, the Netherlands, even though little is known at the moment I'm writing this, something like this (if it was a mistake or not) can never happen again. I see the horrible photos on the internet, the news bulletins that keep coming and even a tweet from a passenger that referred to the missing Malaysian plane before his plane flew away to it's horrible end. It's a very sad day and my heart is goes out to all the of those who passed away

Passengers of Flight MH17 rest in peace.

Hello my lovely readers,

Now today's post, it's quite a different today,y I'm going to show you the autumn-winter collection from Primark and also sharing my thoughts about them. I found the photos and some of the information right here and here (that's why some of the photos are different in size), I hope you like it!
This season join Primark as they travel into the great unknown. From Nordic tranquility to Slavic folkore; 60’s silhouettes to 80s mod revival; workwear to sportswear - this season is all about dressing for an adventure. 
This isn't something I would wear personally but I do really like the burgundy hat. I never wear hats and certainly not these floppy ones, I live in a rural area and this is just too fashionable to wear around here. I'm not brave enough and I would worry too much about what other people would think of me. The sweater is also quite cute but also not something I would wear, I do really like the colour blue of it.
This outfit is just absolutely ugly in my opinion, it's kind of cool but in a very ugly way. The shoes are horrendous and the combination with the socks makes it even worse. I also don't like the skirt or the jacket, the pattern of the skirt is not really my taste and I also don't fancy the marble look of the jacket. The fit of the jacket is quite nice however.
Wauw I think this photo is absolutely gorgeous but the shape of the coat is a little bit too bulky to my liking. I think this shape looks really good on some people but for me this doesn't work. I also love the soft pink colour of it but this colour makes my look really pale and kind of sick, cool coat but not for me.
Now it's getting better, I kind of like this outfit but I wouldn't combine prints like this with each other. It's a bit too busy and I think it would swallow me if I wore something like this. I think this dress is pretty but I'm worried the top is ugly, I would love to see the whole dress. The jacket is also cute but I prefer my jackets to be a bit more form-fitted, I'm not really digging the bomberjack trend. The rest of this outfit is simple and black but that is what makes it wearable, the shoes aren't my taste but I do like them paired like this.
Yet another outfit that I like but would never wear. There is nothing in this photo that I would but I really like the style of the dress, maybe if it would be available in a different pattern or colour I would buy this. The hat is pretty as well but same story as the burgundy one in the first photo.
Another outfit that I don't really like, that colour green just looks like puke to me. The shape of this cardigan however, is really cool and I would totally buy this in black, burgundy, dark green or some colour like that. The rest of the outfit isn't my taste at all but I do like a nice black ensemble.
I don't know what to think about this, the combination is horrible but apart from that the items are quite cute. It looks like the skirt has some sequins on the front and I think it looks really pretty. The bomberjack is cute as well but too bulky for me. It also looks like the model wears a turtleneck but that is a style that I don't really like wearing, it makes me feel restricted.
I have to say that I really like this photo, looks really cute but the colour scheme is not for me. These soft pinks makes me look pale, same as with the dress from before.The sneakers however, are really cute and the bag is very pretty. The scarf and hat aren't really my thing and the dress is a bit too long for my liking. It looks like the model wears some simple bangles and a big cocktail ring and those I do really like.
This isn't my style either, too much of a schoolgirl-look for me. The skirt is quite cute but it's again in that awful puke-green. The top is quite pretty as well, it looks like it's made out of lace and for some reason it appeals to me.
Another combination that I don't really like, some of the pieces that are in it however, are quite pretty. The dress for instance is really nice. Again the colour is not very flattering for my skintone but with a black jacket and panties even I can pull it off. The accessories and bag are very pretty as well but the jacket and shoes I would leave at Primark with no regrets.
A teddy bear coat, these coats are my weakness but I've never bought one. I also like the colour of the pants she is wearing in the second photo, this grey/taupe colour is really pretty and I would love to have some jeans in this shade.
There is nothing in this bag that I like, except the bag. This bag is absolutely gorgeous. It looks like it's made from suede (or at least faux), I would love to own a satchel like this but first I'll have to see what this is made from and how good the quality is.
This is one of the ugliest photos, the coat is just a shapeless bag and the shoes are just plain ugly in my opinion. I'm not going to say much more about this because that might be offending to some people and I don't want that to happen, everybody has a different style and everybody should respect the way people like to dress.
This is a really cute scarf, it seems that pastels will be a huge thing this winter and eventhough I cannot wear a lot of them because the wash me out, I still love them. If I wear this scarf with a dark coat I will be able to pull this off. I also like the fact that each side of the scarf has a different pattern, it's just a pretty scarf.
I don't really know what to think off these pieces of jewelry, it looks a bit futuristic but I kind of like it. Personally I don't wear a lot of bracelets or bangles but this one looks really cool. I also like the combination of the white and gold in the necklace but I don't know how such a choker-type necklace will look on me.
This necklace is inspired on Chanel but that doesn't make me like it, I think it's kind of hideous and I wouldn't wear something like this. The bangle however is really cool and something I would definitely wear.
I have absolutely no idea why but I kind of like this outfit even though it's not my style at all. It looks like she is wearing a long grey cardigan and I really like long cardigans (I don't own one but that's going to change this autumn). The dress isn't really my style but for some reason I think it's cute, I don't think it's something I'll purchase however since it's not something I would know how and where to to wear. And the shoes, well they're black but that's probably the only good thing I can say about those.
I'd have to see the heel-height of these over--the-knee-boots but I really like these. I know that these type of boots are quickly considered trashy but for some reason I've been wanting a pair for ages. Usually I only see black leather ones but these grey ones look quite sophisticated to me. I would love to see these in really life because I'm very picky when it comes to the way the actual heel looks, I quickly find them to high or too low. I hope I'll be able to find these because I do really think they're cool.
And the last outfit from the Primark AW14-collection, this outfit is really 90's and I probably should mention that I'm glad that decade is over. Whenever I see old pictures that come from that period and look at the clothes and then I cannot imagine that people would actually wear combinations like that. This model wear a red leather skirt (which is already wrong in so many ways) paired with a puke-green sweater, the colours are ugly together and the shapes of these just don't look right. Then the sweater also has that weird ruffle on the point where the sleeves start, it just looks very weird to me.

That was it for this post and even though I'm quite negative about a lot of the clothing, I'd have to say that the actual photos are gorgeous. They're shot at a beautiful location and the poses the model does are different than the usual poses models do when they showcase clothing. Still this collection isn't really my taste, the colours are wrong for my skin tone and some of them are just really ugly, the shapes of the clothes are a bit too boxy to my taste and some of the trends that are going on right now are just really weird (like those school-girl-shoes, I just don't get it). Apart from that I really do hope that you liked looking at the clothing that we can expect in Primark soon, that you could laugh about the things wrote (please don't be offended by them) and that you have a lovely day!


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