Hello my lovely readers,

Today it's time that I show you one of my favourite nail polishes from the past couple of weeks. A really simple and budget proof polish from HEMA. For me this one is quite unique since I'm not a very big fan of pale nail polishes, I usually go bright or dark. I purchased this one a whim and I've fallen in love with it.
This shade is quite hard to describe and it also doesn't show up on camera properly. It's a pale lilac that's also grey in some lights. Sometimes you can also see a pearlescent glow but that's completely invisible in the photos. This polish is, like I said, from HEMA and I'm starting to like their polishes way too much. They used to be sheer and boring but now when I go into the store I can easily spot at least five shades that I like and want.
Í was also quite impressed with the time it stayed on my nails without chipping, after two days it was still perfect. This won't make it through an evening of opening cardboard boxes but if you don't have to do something like that you're nail will stay chip-free for two to three days, at least.

Have a lovely day!

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