Non-beauty Travel Essentials

Hello my lovely readers,

Tomorrow around this time I'll be off to finally go on my holiday and I thought it would be fun to share the products I'm taking with me in the car. Not that many stuff because there is limited space but still enough things to keep me from boredom. I guess these would be my non-beauty travel essentials.
Well these are all the product I need to entertain myself with, not that many because I'll probably sleep most of the time. It takes approximately 17 hours to drive to where we have to be but we're going to split the journey in half and take a hotel halfway.

  • Neck Pillow and eyemask : For me this is one of the most important things to have with me. I always have problems with my neck area and this causes very bad migraines, when I sleep in a car without one of these pillows my neck starts to hurt quite quickly and I'll have a sore neck for the rest of the holiday. This pillow prevents that plus it sleeps a lot cosier. Mine is from Kruidvat and came in a set with the eyemask but is not longer available.
  • Sunglasses: When you're driving on the French highway you won't survive with air conditioning and a pair of sunglasses. I've had these knock-off ray bay's for years and for me these are perfect  because they're very comfortable and don't hurt my nose when I wear them for a long amount of time.
  • Book, reader and magazines: I'm one of those persons that can read in a car without getting nauseous and I always take quite a lot of reading material with me.This year I'm taking the second book of the Delirium series by  Lauren Oliver (the third one will be in my suitcase along with more books) as well as my reader. Mine is from Kobo and it's really light and I've quite a lot of books on there so I won't be without something to read. I also always take some magazines with me, the ones on the photo are old but I haven't bought new ones yet, that's something that still on my to do list before I go.
  • Phone: This is kind of obvious I think, nowadays you simple cannot survive without one. I won't have internet as soon as I cross the Dutch border but luckily the camping where I go and many other placed have WiFi so I won't be cut of from the world. 
  • iPod + headphones: Another thing that I have to have when I'm traveling is music. My parents always have the radio on while they're driving but I personally like my own music better. These headphones block the noise so I won't hear the French chansons but when I'm laying by the pool I prefer smaller earbuds, otherwise I would  have very pale ears at the end... I listen to music on my iPod (which has several cracks in the screen), I believe this one is not three years old and the 16gb that's on it is completely filled with music.
  • Medicine:  That little black pouch holds my medicines, in there I have pretty basic stuff. Some paracetamol, special things for my migraines, band-aids and some melatonine in case I cannot sleep.
  • Money, cards and passport:  That little zig-zag pattern thing hold all my important stuff that I need like money and my debit card but also my ID (card that allows you to travel within Europa) and my insurance card (for when something goes wrong).
That was it! these are all the things I take with me in the car, I just put it in a bag that sits in between my legs. The magazines and the book usually fit in the side section of  the car along with some snacks and a water bottle.


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