New: Ikea Sinnlig Candles

Hello my lovely readers,

I have no idea how I should start this post but I just wanted to tell you about these new candles I bought lately. Ikea has the best candles for the best price in my opinion and I always go back to them. Most of them kick of an amazing scent and there's a different one for everybody.
The 'Sinnlig' candles come in seven different scent and bought three of them; Apple, berries and spa.  These cost €1,99 a piece and they promise to burn for 25 hours.
This first one is red and smells like berries. Some things that smell like straw- and raspberries are nauseatingly sweet but this one smells really nice. The berry scent is soft and sweet but strong enough to make your room smell like it.
The next candle is limegreen and smells like apples. I think this is my favourite, it's really fresh and a little bit sour. If you ever tasted a granny smith apple you'll know what I mean because this smells just like those apples taste. This candle smells a little bit stronger than the other to ones but it fits the scent, a subtle scent doesn't fit this candle.
The last candle is grey and I think this is the best looking candle out of the three. IKEA describes the scent of this one as a lovely spa. This candle is great to burn while you'r trying to relax or take a nap but I cannot describe the exact scent of it, maybe rice or something like that.
I'm very happy with my three new candles and I can really recommend them. They are cheap, smell nice and look nice, what more could you want.


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