Kneipp Shower Gel and Foam

Hello my lovely readers,

I'm writing this in advance but when you're reading this, IT'S MY BIRTHDAY. Today I'm turning eighteen years old and that means I'll officially be an adult, that's very weird to write. Me and the word adult just don't go together. Today review is a little bit in line with my birthday, it's a little trip down memory lane for me.
For as long as I can remember, my mother has been buying Kneipp products to use in the shower. I sort of grew up with this brand and when I saw it was on sale I bought two of them, a normal shower gel and a shower foam.
I'm starting with the shower gel. The scent of this product brings back so many memories and eventhough I don't really like the scent, I still love it. This harmonizing orange/linden blossom shower gel has the oil of zest helps you to relax  after a busy day. The ingredients are put together to help destress and sleep. The scent is really strong and I cannot smell the oranges that are supposed to be in it, it smells really warm and not cirussy at all. I do like using this shower gel however, it's nice.
The second product is the shower foam with mint eucalyptus scent. I wanted something that I could use in the morning to help me get up. Mint is something that as always helped me waking up and this is no exception. This mint eucalyptus scent is very refreshing and instantly opens my nose. This foam is very similar to the ones from Rituals that I love (read a review of those by clicking here) but cheaper and a slightly less foamy.
I have to say that I like the foam better than the gel, I like both the consistency and the scent better. The fact that I remember the scent of the shower gel makes that I want to use this even though I  don't like the actual smell of it. I don't know why this is since I'm not very nostalgic but it just brings back memories. Still the foam is my favourite in all aspects.
You can purchase the shower gel for €4,99 and the foam for €6,99, they both hold 200ml and are available at several drugstores.


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