June Favourites

Hello my lovely readers,

Time for my June favourites, I always really like to write these posts because I can really tell which products I like. I know I do that in reviews as well but I usually write reviews after I've tried the products for a while but in my favourites posts, I'm showing you the products that I really like long term. Hope you like it!
My first June favourite is this bb-cream from Yves Rocher. G gave this to me because it's a bit too dark for her, for me however this is the perfect shade.I'm the person that cannot wear foundation everyday without getting bad skin. I have pretty fair skin but when I use foundation on a daily basis, I get red patches and drier areas. I've tried one bb-cream before and that one did the same thing as those foundations I just wrote about. This one doesn't do any of those things, this 6in1 bb-cream with white thee pigments makes my skin looks more even and for me the coverage this gives me is just enough. The product feels nice on my skin and I feel like it doesn't make my skin worse, not better either but I'm happy with skin that stays the way it is.
My second favourite is this gorgeous eyeshadow palette by MUA. G wrote this review about it, and I shot the photos. I think these eyeshadows are very versatile and the make some great natural looks to wear everyday and thats probably why I've been using it a lot in the past month. In the review you can see two eye looks with this palette, if you want to see those, you can check out the review.
My next favourite is a lipstick from MAC, it's called Pink Plaid and it's a matte one. This is a gorgeous natural lipstick that I've been wearing quite a lot during the past month. The soft pink shade is a very good colour for me to wear and it goes with absolutely everything. You can read my review here.
This review is very random but for me this product has been a lifesaver. For some reason my room has been a very popular place for mosquitoes and I was their favourite dessert. I was covered in mosquito bites and this azaronstick has been my only friend. This azaronstick made the itching stop almost completely and thanks to a stick that smells like citron, the mosquitoes are gone now.
This sunscreen has been my favourite for quite a long time. I believe I've purchased this in France last year and back then, I used this every day. During the winter-time, I don't really use sunscreen (only on my face) but now the time has come to start wearing it again. The only shitty thing about this is the fact that it doesn't have a lid. I used to come with one but the pump that was on it broke and I put another one on it, this new one however, was bigger and the lid didn't fit on it anymore. Now I cannot take it with me anymore but I still use this every morning before I go out. Ow and I think I should also tell you how what sun screen this is, this is the L'Oréal Sublime Sun Bronzage Idéal spf 50+.
My next and last favourite is one that also came by in empties post of last week (read it by clicking here). The fact that I've already finished this scrub tells you a lot of how much I love this. You can read my review right here but you can also believe me on my word, this scrub smells amazing, works amazing, is amazing. Three time amazing? you must think, well that's right this Satsuma Body polish is absolutely amazing.

And these six products were my june favourites, I really hope you liked reading about the products that I love and please let me know what your favourites are at the moment.


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