Holiday Beauty: Travel Outfit France

Hello my lovely readers,

When it comes to traveling, I'm a planner. I need to be done with packing long before I'm actually going and I'm always planned my outfit way ahead. Today I'm showing you that planned outfit.
Me and my family will take a hotel halfway and therefore I have two days of traveling to do. We'll leave around four o'clock on friday the eighteenth (so when you're reading this I'll lying by a pool) and then we'll take a hotel in Nancy. The next day we'll be driving the rest which is still a lot of kilometers, a little over 500 to be exact.
For me comfort is very important while traveling and after years of going to France each year I kind of know what clothes I want to wear. I'll always wear a pair of shorts, even when it's pouring with rain here in the Netherlands, this because it will be hot in and outside the car when we're in France. A pair of long thick jeans will be your worst enemy, trust me on this, I've done it. These shorts are from H&M and I bought them last year in the sale. Since we're going to take a hotel I'm taking a different top with me in the suitcase that we share with the family for that one night. I'll probably be asleep during this first half because I planning on getting really tired before we go (going to the gym, packing and trying to stay awake during thursday night) and then a nice cozy t-shirt like this one from Monki will feel like a pyjama. Nice and comfy just how I like it. During the second half of the journey I want something more airy because this part will be hotter (we're further to the south), a simple tanktop from H&M is then perfect. Very comfy and very appropriate because of the text that's on it ('parle-vous français?' means 'do you speak French' for those of you that don't do that). The only accessory I'll be wearing is this little handcuff necklace from Costes, really simple and basic but just a little something that my outfit more oemf. For shoes I'll be wearing these really old flip flops, for me this is the most comfortable because I always put my shoes out in the car and I have to put them back on when we stop somewhere. I cannot remember the brand of these because they're so old but something similar, I'm sure you'll be able to find something.
And I'm finishing this post with a detailed photo of my necklace, isn't it the cutest? I hope you enjoyed reading this and maybe you even got some inspiration out of it, have a lovely week.


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