Holiday Beauty: Makeup While There

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Today I have yet another post in my 'Holiday Beauty' series and I hope you're not tired of it yet since there are still more to come. The once that align with my pool holiday in France are almost done but then I'll also write some about London. The one I'm doing today however is still about my French holiday and it's all about makeup.
Like I wrote, it's all about makeup today and to change things up a bit, I'm not taking that much with me this year. Past years I overpacked on makeup big time and ended up not using most of it. Therefore I decided that this year had to be different, I'm only taking a fairly small bag with me that fits literally everything I need (makeup wise) even my brushes.
This is that wash bag, it's quite small and I usually use this in my bag to carry my touch-up-makeup/other things with me but these two weeks this will be the house for my makeup. It's from H&M but quite old so I don't know if it's still available. I'll be going through all the makeup I'm taking with me in no particular order and I hope you like it!
Catrice Waterproof Top Coat (review)
The first thing in my wash bag is this waterproof top coat that I only really use when I'm on my holiday or if I'm going to the beach or something. I don't like using waterproof mascara because I feel like it's not very good for my lashes, therefore I also never really buy waterproof mascaras because I don't use them often enough. This waterproof topcoat however is my best friend when I'm going for a swim, this blue baby keeps my lashes looking nice and black (I don't really wear much other makeup when I'm in a pool) and I don't need to spend much on a waterproof mascara, I just use my regular one.
Maybelline One By One Volum' Express Mascara 
The second product is my mascara, this is one of the only thing I cannot miss on a holiday and that I would buy there if I forgot it. I'm currently using this one (review is coming on Sunday) and I quite like it so far, hopefully this will stay all day with hot french weather (in combination with the previous topcoat).
Essence Stays No Matter What Eyepencil & Shadow: 05 Cute Copper (review) 
I'm not taking much eyeshadow like products with me (only one eyeshadow-duo and a highlighter) but I do like to give my eyes a big of bejazz by adding a little bit of copper liner. This pencil from Essence is perfect to do that job because it's super-waterproof, this will stay put until you remove it with a good remover (like Bioderma), otherwise you won't even be able to get it off your lids.
Essence 3D Eyeshadow: 09 Irresistible Chocolates (review)
This is the duo I was talking about, a really simple basic little number that I'm mainly taking for the lightest shade. The left shade is gorgeous champagne-brown shade that's a great everyday colour. I'll probably just wear that one on days that I feel like eyeshadow and than I can add the darker shade in my crease in the evening for a more 'done' look.
Catrice Kohl Kajal: 010 Ultra Black
I'm also taking one simple black pencil with me to tightline during the evening, just to give my eyes some oempf and because I really the effect. I really don't have more to say about this one so on to the next one.
L'Oréal ColorAppeal:  21 Golden Beige
The other eyeshadow I'm taking with me is this one. Almost everyday I use this to highlight my innercorner, just to look a little bit more awake, I'll probably won't be using this a lot this holiday but I'm taking it with me, just to have it when I want to.
Etos Brow Powder: 02
For me brows are the most important part of my makeup, this is the product that I rarely leave my home without. I do have a little problem though; they won't stay on underwater I think. The product that I use to fill them in is a really simple powder that's not waterproof at all, I do have a brow gel that coming with me but I don't how it will hold. I think I'm going to try it once and otherwise I will leave this powder away in the morning and just deal with my brown with gaps.
Essence Lash & Brow Gel Mascara (review)
This is the brow gel I'm taking with me, it looks really gross I know and after this holiday it will definately go into the trashcan. I do think this works great, here in Holland this kept my brows looking fine longer and I'll have to see what it in France does.
Catrice Camouflage Cream: 010 Ivory (review)
If also taking a concealer with me to cover up my dark circles, they're a lot less when I'm on a holiday but I still like to have this with me for when I do need it. I've been using this concealer for a long time and I've finally hit pan on it, I rarely ever hit pan!
Yves Rocher Peau Parfaite 6in1 BB cream
I'm also taking this bb-cream even though I'm not planning on wearing it a lot. My skin is quite good and I usually just wear some sunscreen with powder on my face in the summer. Still I wanted to bring this with me just in case my skin acts up and needs a little bit of coverage.
Catrice All Mat Plus Shine Control Powder (review
This is the powder I take with me, just this simple one that get's rid of the shine that can occur during the hot summer days. I know that I just told you that I rarely ever hit pan but now I have two products in one post that have this.This is my favourite powder and I use this almost everyday, in France it will be no different.
Catrice Revoltaire Velvet Matte Lipstick: Color Bomb + Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet: l'Exubérante (review) + Essence Long-lasting Lipstick: 09 Wear Berries! (review
And these are all the lipsticks I'm taking with me, just three bright gorgeous things. I'm not taking any nudes this year, I did it last year and I didn't wear them at all. Just three bright lipsticks that maybe don't go with everything but are certainly appropriate for summer.
And these ten tools are all I need, a big powder brush, four eyeshadow brushes, two for my brows, a tweezer, a vile and a small mirror. Most of my brushes are from HEMA and the other products are brand-less (no names on it).
Like I said, it all fits in that little mint-green pouch, even the brushes fit inside of it. I bundled them up with some elastics and I hung some bobby pins on it to make sure I really have everything I need.
I hope you liked this Holiday Beauty post even though it was quite long.. Have a lovely day,


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