Fa Vitamin&Power Shower Gel

Hello my lovely readers,

A long time ago, I reviewed a showergelrange from Fa, the Sensual&Oil line (read my review here). It was a line of warm shower gels that I bought for the wintertime. Now it's summer and it's time for something more refreshing.
This time I went for a different line of Fa products, the Vitamin&Power line. It consists out of three different scents (is this the correct word) and all with a different vitamin. These are the three different ones.

  • Vitamin B + Honey Melon
  • Vitamin C + Pink Grapefruit
  • Vitamin E + Guava
At first I was just going to buy the one with grapefruit but when I saw there was a sale going on I decided to just buy all three of them. I'll be going through them in alphabetical order. 
The first one is Vitamin B + Honey Melon, this scent is warm, sweet and fresh at the same time. For me this shower gel is a good one to use in the evening after a long hot summer day. The shower gel refreshes me but also gives me a warm and soothing feeling. 
The second one is the Vitamin C +Pink Grapefruit version. This one is more fresh than the previous one, and sweeter as well. I have no idea if this is just me but this scent reminds me a lot of lemonade, even though I don't think I've ever tasted lemonade made from pink grapefruits. This one I would prefer to use during my morning showers. 
The last one out of the three is Vitamin E + Guava, my least favourite one. I don't know how guava is supposed to smell or taste, but this one smells like cucumbers and believe me, I don't like cucumbers. You can ask me why but I have no idea to be honest, I just don't like the taste or the smell of them.Therefore I also don't really like this shower gel, luckily my mother does like it and she will finish it for me but I won't be using this one.   
I'm a happy girl with these three shower gels, all three of them smell really nice and they foam up really well in the shower. These shower gels are fresh, sweet and perfect for the summertime. All three of them are really moisturizing and you don't even need a body lotion or butter afterwards (even though I prefer to still use one). I cannot remember the exact price but because of the sale I was able to buy all three of them for €5,00.


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