Biotherm Oil Therapy nutri-replenishing body treatment with apricot oil

Hello my lovely readers,

Today I have a review for you from a brand that I've never tried or reviewed before, Biotherm. This brand has innovative care products that are aligned to the biological rhythm of the skin. Their products are rich of nourishing proteins and minerals that help your skin recover and renew. Each formula is developed to make the skin look soft, healthy and radiant. The product that I'm reviewing right now is made for people that are looking for softness, comfort and sensuality for their dry skin.
This emollient, melting quickly-absorbed body lotion, enriched with apricot oil, helps the skin regain softness, firmness, smoothness. Apricot oil is known for improving the condition of the skin and it's often found in several products that moisturize the body.  This is body lotion comes in a 400ml, very big flask with a pump. When you twist the pump, you're no longer able to get the product out. This is extremely handy for traveling but this flask is so big that I personally wouldn't take such a big bottle with me. I do think the bottle looks really nice, it has the orange colour of an apricot and nice white details.
I have no knowledge of bad or good ingredients in body products but some people do and always want to know which ingredients are in the products they use.I personally don't really care about ingredients, as long as the product works, it's fine by me.
I know that the actual product looks white on the photos but in real life, it has a soft orange/pink tone to it. The product sinks quickly into the skin but does leave a slightly oily residue. A little trick to avoid this is to apply the lotion on semi-wet skin, this way the products sinks faster into the skin and the residue you're left with is a lot less than normally. This is a little trick you can use with any body product.

This body lotion is extremely moisturizing and I think it smells really great, it's fruity and fresh and I think it's perfectly for the spring/summer-time. The product however, is quite expensive. I've been able to find it for $25 dollars, I have no idea what I this one costs since I just found in the bathroom cabinet where my mother had probably put it.


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