Holiday Beauty: Makeup While There

Hello my lovely readers,

Today I have yet another post in my 'Holiday Beauty' series and I hope you're not tired of it yet since there are still more to come. The once that align with my pool holiday in France are almost done but then I'll also write some about London. The one I'm doing today however is still about my French holiday and it's all about makeup.
Like I wrote, it's all about makeup today and to change things up a bit, I'm not taking that much with me this year. Past years I overpacked on makeup big time and ended up not using most of it. Therefore I decided that this year had to be different, I'm only taking a fairly small bag with me that fits literally everything I need (makeup wise) even my brushes.
This is that wash bag, it's quite small and I usually use this in my bag to carry my touch-up-makeup/other things with me but these two weeks this will be the house for my makeup. It's from H&M but quite old so I don't know if it's still available. I'll be going through all the makeup I'm taking with me in no particular order and I hope you like it!
Catrice Waterproof Top Coat (review)
The first thing in my wash bag is this waterproof top coat that I only really use when I'm on my holiday or if I'm going to the beach or something. I don't like using waterproof mascara because I feel like it's not very good for my lashes, therefore I also never really buy waterproof mascaras because I don't use them often enough. This waterproof topcoat however is my best friend when I'm going for a swim, this blue baby keeps my lashes looking nice and black (I don't really wear much other makeup when I'm in a pool) and I don't need to spend much on a waterproof mascara, I just use my regular one.
Maybelline One By One Volum' Express Mascara 
The second product is my mascara, this is one of the only thing I cannot miss on a holiday and that I would buy there if I forgot it. I'm currently using this one (review is coming on Sunday) and I quite like it so far, hopefully this will stay all day with hot french weather (in combination with the previous topcoat).
Essence Stays No Matter What Eyepencil & Shadow: 05 Cute Copper (review) 
I'm not taking much eyeshadow like products with me (only one eyeshadow-duo and a highlighter) but I do like to give my eyes a big of bejazz by adding a little bit of copper liner. This pencil from Essence is perfect to do that job because it's super-waterproof, this will stay put until you remove it with a good remover (like Bioderma), otherwise you won't even be able to get it off your lids.
Essence 3D Eyeshadow: 09 Irresistible Chocolates (review)
This is the duo I was talking about, a really simple basic little number that I'm mainly taking for the lightest shade. The left shade is gorgeous champagne-brown shade that's a great everyday colour. I'll probably just wear that one on days that I feel like eyeshadow and than I can add the darker shade in my crease in the evening for a more 'done' look.
Catrice Kohl Kajal: 010 Ultra Black
I'm also taking one simple black pencil with me to tightline during the evening, just to give my eyes some oempf and because I really the effect. I really don't have more to say about this one so on to the next one.
L'Oréal ColorAppeal:  21 Golden Beige
The other eyeshadow I'm taking with me is this one. Almost everyday I use this to highlight my innercorner, just to look a little bit more awake, I'll probably won't be using this a lot this holiday but I'm taking it with me, just to have it when I want to.
Etos Brow Powder: 02
For me brows are the most important part of my makeup, this is the product that I rarely leave my home without. I do have a little problem though; they won't stay on underwater I think. The product that I use to fill them in is a really simple powder that's not waterproof at all, I do have a brow gel that coming with me but I don't how it will hold. I think I'm going to try it once and otherwise I will leave this powder away in the morning and just deal with my brown with gaps.
Essence Lash & Brow Gel Mascara (review)
This is the brow gel I'm taking with me, it looks really gross I know and after this holiday it will definately go into the trashcan. I do think this works great, here in Holland this kept my brows looking fine longer and I'll have to see what it in France does.
Catrice Camouflage Cream: 010 Ivory (review)
If also taking a concealer with me to cover up my dark circles, they're a lot less when I'm on a holiday but I still like to have this with me for when I do need it. I've been using this concealer for a long time and I've finally hit pan on it, I rarely ever hit pan!
Yves Rocher Peau Parfaite 6in1 BB cream
I'm also taking this bb-cream even though I'm not planning on wearing it a lot. My skin is quite good and I usually just wear some sunscreen with powder on my face in the summer. Still I wanted to bring this with me just in case my skin acts up and needs a little bit of coverage.
Catrice All Mat Plus Shine Control Powder (review
This is the powder I take with me, just this simple one that get's rid of the shine that can occur during the hot summer days. I know that I just told you that I rarely ever hit pan but now I have two products in one post that have this.This is my favourite powder and I use this almost everyday, in France it will be no different.
Catrice Revoltaire Velvet Matte Lipstick: Color Bomb + Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet: l'Exubérante (review) + Essence Long-lasting Lipstick: 09 Wear Berries! (review
And these are all the lipsticks I'm taking with me, just three bright gorgeous things. I'm not taking any nudes this year, I did it last year and I didn't wear them at all. Just three bright lipsticks that maybe don't go with everything but are certainly appropriate for summer.
And these ten tools are all I need, a big powder brush, four eyeshadow brushes, two for my brows, a tweezer, a vile and a small mirror. Most of my brushes are from HEMA and the other products are brand-less (no names on it).
Like I said, it all fits in that little mint-green pouch, even the brushes fit inside of it. I bundled them up with some elastics and I hung some bobby pins on it to make sure I really have everything I need.
I hope you liked this Holiday Beauty post even though it was quite long.. Have a lovely day,


Holiday Beauty: Beauty While There

Hello my lovely readers,

Today it's yet again time for a Holiday Beauty post. In my suitcase you'll find two wash bags this year, one big one filled with beauty products and a smaller one filled with makeup. Today I'm showing the products inside the bigger wash bag, hope you like it!
These are the product I'm taking with me to a sunny pool holiday.
This is the wash bag I'm taking with me this year, it's a big one from Primark and I've bought it especially for this holiday (also for London). It's big enough to fit all the products I need but not massive.
L'Oréal Tecniart Full Volume Extra Mouse
I'm going to start with the hair product I take with me, not that many just the essentials. In my While Traveling post you could already read that I take dry shampoo with me but I also take a small bottle of mousse with me to give my hair just a little bit more volume. I have really limp and fine hair and if I don't use a volumizing product, it just look like nothing.
Andrélon Natural Pure Satin Gloss & Zen Shampoo + Conditioner
Of course I'm also taking my shampoo and conditioner with me. I cannot really tell now if I like them since I bought very recently and haven't tried them yet. When I return I will write a review about them and let you know what I think of them.
Andrélon Surprising Volume Duo Mist
This is also a new product for me and I'm hoping that this will make my hair look presentable and beachy if I use it after I've been in the pool. Therefore I cannot tell you if I like this or not but there will be a review of this when I'm home again. For now I can only tell you that this smells really nice.
Kruidvat Fruity Botanicals Anti Frizz Mask
The last hair product I take with me is this hair mask from the Fruity Botanicals line by Kruidvat. I always take something like this with me because the swimming pool really dries out my hair and if I don't use something like this my hair will probably just fall out :). I bought this at the same time as I bought the previous two products and this will also be reviewed when I come back.
Nivea After Sun Under The Shower
We're jumping from hair to shower products and I'm starting with this special product. Do you know the body lotions you can use in the showers products that were a hype not too long ago? Well now there is an after sun version. I don't know how big these products were in other countries than the Netherlands but they're basically conditioners for your body. I'm hoping that this after sun is an easy and quick way to take care of my sunkissed or burned skin during my holiday and just as with the previous products, I'll write a review about them when I return.
The Body Shop Vineyard Peach Shower Gel (review)
Then we have my shower gel. Last week the review of this came online so you were already able to read my thoughts on it but if you haven't, this stuff is heaven. The scent of this is really nice but that's not the reason why I picked this baby to go with me instead of all the other shower gels I have, the bottle is fairly small and therefore perfect to take with me. But I'm not going to lie, the fact that I love this stuff was also quite important.
The Body Shop Blueberry Body Scrub
Another product by TBS that I'm taking with me is this blueberry scrub, this arrived just before I went on my holiday so I haven't had time to write a review yet but I can assure you that it's coming. I've heard so many good things about this scrub and I love the body butter from this line so I don't see a reason why I shouldn't like this.
The Body Shop Raspberry Body Butter (review)
And yet another product from TBS, it's the last one, I promise. I've had this one for quite a while now and I'm halfway through it. This was on purpose because now I can finish it in France and then I don't have to take this giant jar home with me. And I shouldn't forget to mention that this is just a really nice body butter.
Eucerin Sun Protection Cream Gel SPF 50 (review)
In the While Traveling Post I also mentioned below the mousse, you could also see a sunscreen that I took with me. I also take this special sunscreen for my sun allergy. The review linked behind the name of this product is of the SPF 25 version but for this holiday I purchased the SPF 50 one, which is just as good if not better
Nivea Soft Hydrating Cream (review)
On to the skincare that's coming with me. This is the moisturizer I'm taking but I put in a smaller jar to make it fit in my wash bag. It's really basic and there is not much to it but yeah, it's going with me.
Nivea Essential Refreshing Cleansing Gel
Oehlala a brand new product! Everyday I cleanse my face with this cleansing cream but that tube is almost empty and when I went to the store to buy a new one, this refreshing version caught my eye and found it's way into my basket. Like all the other new products, this will get a review when I come back but I'm hoping this will be a nice refreshing product in the morning and evening.
Bioderma Solution Micellaire Sensibio H2O (review)
I won't be taking a lot of makeup with me but I do need something to remove the things I do take with me. Bioderma is my favourite product to take makeup off but this giant bottle is not coming with me, I'm pouring a bit of product in this small bottle and hopefully that will be enough for two week (otherwise I'll have to buy a new bottle of Bioderma, what a shame not).
Wilkinson Sword Disposable Razors
I know I only photographed one but I'll be taking two of these with me. I don't know about you but I shave more when I'm on a holiday than I do regularly. My armpits every other day and my legs once a week, these disposable razors are great and very handy for traveling because you can throw them away when you're going home.
In the car I will have a hair brush with me but I also need one of these with me. I use these to make my parting right and also to comb my hair, I don't do this everyday but sometime I have a lot of loose hairs and a normal hairbrush doesn't get them out properly. A simple comb like this is than my lifesaver.
DKNY Be Delicious
I always take one perfume with me on holiday and this time that will be this little apple. During the day I won't wear perfume because the alcohol can burn into your skin due to the sun but on those hot summer evenings I like to spritz a little bit just to smell a bit nicer.
Anti Mosquito Stick
This is a true essential for me in France because I'm always the target when it comes to mosquitos. A citronstick like this keeps them at a save distance and hopefully prevent them from biting me.
Azaron Stick
When I do get stung I use this. I don't know how this works but this gets rid of the itch and helps my skin with healing the mosquito bite. For me this is a must during holidays.
Multivitamin Complete
This is something I take every single morning and even when I'm on holiday I don't stop. I don't really know what more to tell you about these but I truly believe that taking multivitamins like these can helps you a lot.

And that was it, these products are all the beauty related stuff I'm staking with me this year and I think I kept it quite compact. Just enough products to survive two weeks in the sun.
Have a lovely day,

Catrice Liquid Liner: 010 Dating Joe Black

Hello Lovelies,

A whille ago I saw Nikkietutorials' review on this eyeliner and a little while later a heard her talking about the non-waterproof version. It sounded great so I decided to give it a whirl myself. 
The Catrice Cosmetics Liquid Liner comes in a sleek black packaging with white writing on it. It isn't very fancy but it is nice and it works fine. It has a felt tip, but it feels more like a sponge. It releases a great amount of liner, not to much but enough to work with. You will have to go back in a couple of times to perfect your wing, but I don't mind. 

The nib is great, you can make thin lines, but if you want to, you can use this eyeliner for a more thick line. I'm not really a liquid liner kind of girl, but I really like this one! It applies like a dream, it glides on and once it dries it stays on. The Catrice liner isn't waterproof, but it does stay on all day on me and I have quite oily eyelids. I applied it around noon and it was still there ten hours later. 

I'm wearing Maybelline colortattoo 24hr in 25-Everlasting Navy. There will be a review of it soon.
This eyeliner is quite wet when you first apply it, but after about 30 secondes it dries matte. I really like this eyeliner, it is easy to work with and stays on all day. Even the price is great. It retails for 3,79 and is availible at Kruitvat (a dutch drugstore). I would rate this liner an 8 out of 10. 


Holiday Beauty: Travel Outfit France

Hello my lovely readers,

When it comes to traveling, I'm a planner. I need to be done with packing long before I'm actually going and I'm always planned my outfit way ahead. Today I'm showing you that planned outfit.
Me and my family will take a hotel halfway and therefore I have two days of traveling to do. We'll leave around four o'clock on friday the eighteenth (so when you're reading this I'll lying by a pool) and then we'll take a hotel in Nancy. The next day we'll be driving the rest which is still a lot of kilometers, a little over 500 to be exact.
For me comfort is very important while traveling and after years of going to France each year I kind of know what clothes I want to wear. I'll always wear a pair of shorts, even when it's pouring with rain here in the Netherlands, this because it will be hot in and outside the car when we're in France. A pair of long thick jeans will be your worst enemy, trust me on this, I've done it. These shorts are from H&M and I bought them last year in the sale. Since we're going to take a hotel I'm taking a different top with me in the suitcase that we share with the family for that one night. I'll probably be asleep during this first half because I planning on getting really tired before we go (going to the gym, packing and trying to stay awake during thursday night) and then a nice cozy t-shirt like this one from Monki will feel like a pyjama. Nice and comfy just how I like it. During the second half of the journey I want something more airy because this part will be hotter (we're further to the south), a simple tanktop from H&M is then perfect. Very comfy and very appropriate because of the text that's on it ('parle-vous français?' means 'do you speak French' for those of you that don't do that). The only accessory I'll be wearing is this little handcuff necklace from Costes, really simple and basic but just a little something that my outfit more oemf. For shoes I'll be wearing these really old flip flops, for me this is the most comfortable because I always put my shoes out in the car and I have to put them back on when we stop somewhere. I cannot remember the brand of these because they're so old but something similar, I'm sure you'll be able to find something.
And I'm finishing this post with a detailed photo of my necklace, isn't it the cutest? I hope you enjoyed reading this and maybe you even got some inspiration out of it, have a lovely week.



Hello my lovely readers,

Today it's time that I show you one of my favourite nail polishes from the past couple of weeks. A really simple and budget proof polish from HEMA. For me this one is quite unique since I'm not a very big fan of pale nail polishes, I usually go bright or dark. I purchased this one a whim and I've fallen in love with it.
This shade is quite hard to describe and it also doesn't show up on camera properly. It's a pale lilac that's also grey in some lights. Sometimes you can also see a pearlescent glow but that's completely invisible in the photos. This polish is, like I said, from HEMA and I'm starting to like their polishes way too much. They used to be sheer and boring but now when I go into the store I can easily spot at least five shades that I like and want.
Í was also quite impressed with the time it stayed on my nails without chipping, after two days it was still perfect. This won't make it through an evening of opening cardboard boxes but if you don't have to do something like that you're nail will stay chip-free for two to three days, at least.

Have a lovely day!

Holiday Beauty: While Traveling

Hello my lovely readers,

Today is the first installment of my little mini series: 'Holiday Beauty' and I'm kicking if off with the beauty-products I'm taking with me in the car. Last week I did a similar post to this, only then I showed you the non-beautyproducts I need during the journey (read it here) and today it's all about, like I said, the beauty stuff.
I don't have a lot of space to put stuff since I'm stuffed with five other people in one car, I always try to take as less as possible. I only take the essentials and because my parents always laugh when I apply some makeup to refresh myself, I'm not doing that this year. No makeup in my bag this year (only in my suitcase) just some thing to make me smell like I just took a shower.
Batiste Dry Shampoo Medium & Brunette
The first thing I definately need is dry shampoo, this is a very big bottle because I hadn't bought a small one yet when I took these photos. When we stop one last time before we arrive at our destination, I take my bag into the tankstation toilet and spray some of this stuff in my hair. Just to make it smell nice and look good again.
Garnier Ambre Solaire Light & Silky SPF 30 Sunscreen
Maybe you think it's weird to take sunscreen with you if you're sitting in a car all day but sometimes you have to stop. I don't know about you but if I've been sitting for a few hours I want to run and jump around, usually we have a ball with us that we take out and just play a bit of soccer before we hit the road again. I burn really quick and before I can join my little brothers, I apply some sunscreen on my neck and arms to prevent a bad sunburn.
Vichy Mattifying Face Fluid Dry Touch SPF 50
For my face I use a different sunscreen because I would otherwise get some serious skin problems. I absolutely love this one, it works great, feels nice and makes my skin look better. For some reason this evens out my skin and keeps it from getting shiny at the same time.
Fa Floral Protect Poppy & Bluebell (review)
I think ít's kind of obvious why I need a deodorant but let me explain it quickly for you. When you're stuffed in a car with four other people there is a very good possibility that it will get hot and then there is a chance that you'll get a little bit sweaty. That when this baby jumps in, this is from fa and I'm still in love with this scent. Another thing that I should mention is that this deodorant works quite good, it won't protect you from working-out-sweat but it will certainly withhold through-the-day-sweat.

The Master Perfumer N°15 Orange Blossom (review)
Another thing I always take with me to keep me smelling nice is a travel size perfume. I've had this one for a while now but it's there's still more then half of it left. The scent of this is really nice and it's also the perfect size. I cannot recommend taking a full size perfume bottle with you, you'll be worried all the time that it will crush and if you just take a small one like this, the risk is lower and if it breaks the worries are a lot smaller :).
Vichy Aqualia Thermal Lipbalm
Another thing I'll definitely need is a lipbalm. Personally I've never been on a plane but I know that people always moan about the air conditioning and dehydration, well in a car you have the same problem. My lips always get super dry and this lipbalm has been a superhero for my lips and I can highly recommend it.
Herôme S.O.S. Handgel
Some places in France are a little behind and therefore not very hygenic. I once made the mistake to stop on a parking lot to go to the toilet and there it was, the infamous hole in the ground. Well I'm never making that mistake again but the regular toilets at tankstations aren't always the cleanest either. When I'm not able to wash my hands before I eat something during the trip I'll make sure that I use a disinfecting hand gel first.
The last thing I'm taking with me is the pill (do you say it that way in English too?), I don't take these to prevent a pregnancy since I don't have boyfriend or anything, but to be able to control my periods. Before I took this they were very irregular and it was just a pain in the ass. This helped me a lot and now I can keep taking them so that I at least don't have to deal with tampons and a swimming pool. I keep this with me in the car so that I'll be able to take them when I need.

Well that was it, these eight things are all the beautyproducts I'll need while I'm in the car. Just some things things to refresh, sunscreen and other pretty basic stuff.