NOTD: Sally Hansen '546 Get Juiced'

Hello my lovely readers,

Today I don't have a long review for you but a small little post in which I show you what nail polish I'm currently wearing, in other words, a 'Nails Of The Day-post'. I recently bought my first two Sally Hansen polishes, Kruidvat has been selling 'Sally Hansen' nail polishes for a while now but I always thought they were too expensive. That was until Kruidvat did a 25% off of all nail polish sale, then they were €8,24 instead of €10,99. Still quite expensive but a bit more affordable. Like I said, I purchased two and today I'm showing one of them called: '546 Get Juiced'.
This nail polish is from the 'Complete Salon Manicure' line that promises give a gel-effect and the quality of a
salon manicure, hence the name. I don't really see that however, the gel-effect doesn't really show but the quality is amazing. The coverage is really good, two coats and the colour is completely opaque. the formula
is really creamy and it's really easy to work with. The color is beautiful as well, it's a looks like a juicy blood orange and I really like the shade. I general I wear orange because orange is the national colour of the Netherlands. This orange however is different and is really wearable, even for us Dutchies.
I'm really impressed by this nail polish and I really hope the other one I bought will be just as good. Of course I will put photos of the other polish online in a NOTD post but for now I hope you enjoyed reading about and looking at 'Get Juiced'.


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