NOTD: 56 Minter Wonderland

Hello my lovely readers,

Today I have yet another NOTD post for you guys, last week I posted a post like this from my first Sally Hansen nail polish but today's nail polish is from a brand that's more familiar here on FIOL; Catrice. A few year ago, I was a massive fan of their nail polishes but when they reformulated them, my love turned to hate. When G told me that they weren't that bad now, I decided to give them another try. Well apparently they reformulated them again because the one I bought is quite nice.
The nail polish I bought is called Minter Wonderland and it's part of the Ultimate Nail Lacquer collection. This line has thanks to the new Gloss Booster technology these nail polishes have a high-shine finish, perfect
coverage and ultra-long durability, at least thats what Catrice claims. I totally agree with the high-shine finish and the perfect coverage but not with the ultra-long durability, it started chipping after two days. That quite good but I wouldn't claim that as ultra-long. The colour of this nail polish is btw totally gorgeous, a cool mint colour that perfect for the summer and reminds me a lot of a pool (even though a pool isn't mint green).
The polish is completely opaque in two coats and with a topcoat, it lasts at least two days. You do have to use a base coat underneath this, believe me it's must. I had a blue wash over my nails because I didn't one.
The Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer polishes cost €2,99 and are available at Kruidvat.


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