MUA Undressed Eyeshadow Palette

Hello lovelies,

It is time for my first real blogpost and it’s going to be a review! I’ve always wanted to review my new bits and bops of makeup, but I never had the curage. Now, with a little bit encouragement from E, I’m ready for it.
Last week, I bought this MUA Eyeshadow Palette at a Dutch drugstore. I’d never tried something from MUA before, because the brand is only available in The Netherlands since May this year and only in selected drugstores. That’s why I was really excited to try this palette.
MUA says that the Undressed Palette ‘has a great combination of nude shimmers and mattes and the colour selection is great for creating this season’s clean, natural look with highly pigmented colours’.
To be honest, I wouldn’t really call it a great combination of mattes and shimmers, because it mainly has shimmery colours. Three out of the twelves shades in this palette are matte and these three shades are also the least pigmented and less buttery than the other than shades. I would suggest using these shades as transition colours because they don’t really show up on your eye, but are great for blending the other colours out and creating a soft, smokey look.
The pigmentation of this palette is OK, not great. Something you would expect for the price. They look good as swatches, but when you start putting them on your eyes, you have to pack the colours on with a flat shader brush for them to show up.
Top row, shades 1-6
Bottom row, shade 7-12
The Undressed palette has a nice variety of warm pinks, golds and brown colours. It even has a few greys and a nice dark blue colour. 

E bought this palette too and she created the look suggested on the back of the palette.

E: I think the look that is described on the back of the palette is really pretty, it represents the palette really well; it's simple, natural and shimmery. For me this palette is perfect to create an everyday look because I usually wear looks like this. A shimmery brown eye look is right up my alley and I think this palette will become a staple in my stash. The shades in it are gorgeous, the eyeshadows are nicely pigmented and  I really want to try other MUA-palettes as well now. 
I went for something a bit more romantic, using shade 3 and five in my crease as a transition colour. Next I placed shade 9 on the moving part of my eyelid, shade 10 in my outer-v and shade 2 as my inner corner highlight, this I blended in with shade 9. Last (and probably) least I highlighted my brow bone using shade 1, but this didn't really make a difference. You can barely notice it.
You can buy MUA products in selected Kruitvat stores in the Netherlands. I think this palette is great if you’re after something soft and natural, but not if you want to go all out with your eyeshadow. This is an amazing everyday palette if you’re after something light and easy and something divers. You can create a few different looks with one palette for only €5,99.  I would rate the MUA Undressed Palette a 7 out of 10, because of its budget proof price and it has a nice selection of colours.



  1. AnonymousJune 11, 2014

    i have this palette, too! i really love it, do you know if there's a kruidvat near enschede with mua products? i'm from germany and we don't have mua and i don't really like to buy it online even though its a little cheaper.

    1. Heey,
      Here you can find a list of all the Kruidvat stores in the Netherlands that sell MUA products.