MUA Sheer Finish Lipgloss in: Some Me Time

Hello my lovely readers,

Today I have another review of a MUA product for you. Earlier this month you could read a review of the Undressed palette but that's not the only product I bought from this (for me) new brand. When I finally saw the actual products in real life I was a bit  disappointed, I don't really know why the products just didn't really appeal to me. I did however found something I wanted to try and today I'm writing the review of that product.
The product that I bought is the 'Sheer Finish Lipgloss' (yes I know the text in the photo above says Lipgloss, sorry). I'm not a huge lipgloss fan but I still like to try them once in a while, hoping to find one I really like. According to MUA this is a moisturizing sheer lipgloss that gives your lips an irresistible shine. There are eight shades in total and the one I bought is 'Some Me Time'.
This lipgloss comes in a squeezy tube, not really my favourite type of packaging but for a sheer gloss as this it should work just fine. Compared to other lipglosses in a squeezable tubes that I own, this packaging looks really pretty. It's simple but it looks really nice, the black stand out nice against the pink gloss and I like it.

'Some Me Time' is a really pretty pink lipgloss with a few golden shimmers in it. Shimmers in a lipgloss could be very ugly but in this one is very subtle and pretty, not the chunky glitters some lipglosses I've tried had. This lipgloss is very tasteful compared to those. Hence the name this is a very sheer lipgloss but I don't mind, it's sheer and pretty and something I will wear quite a lot I think. Another thing I like about this gloss is the fact that it's not very sticky, a lot of lipglosses are sticky (read: get you hair stuck to them) but this one isn't too bad. It's still bit sticky but not in an annoying way at all.
MUA is and always will be a budget brand, therefore MUA lipglosses aren't that expensive. This one was only €2,29 and I think it's well worth it's money. It's a cute pink gloss that's sheer, not too sticky and perfect to wear on an everyday base.


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