May & June Empties

Hello my lovely readers,

Two months have passed since my last empties post and that means it's time for another one. I finished quite a lot of products and in this post I'll show you all of them, starting with nail polish.
When I was cleaning my room, I also went through my nail polishes and decided to threw away quite a lot of them. All of these are old, dried out or just not working the way I want them too. I'll go through them all, the shades, brands and the reason why I throwing them out. I'm starting this list at:  8 o'clock and I'll go through clockwise (as much as is possible).
  • Essence Colour & Go: This one doesn't have it's name on it anymore but it was a shimmery light pink topcoat that dried out. No longer available.
  • Essence Nude Glam 05 Toffee To Go: This is a nude shade that I never really used because the shade doesn't suit my skintone. No longer available.
  • Essence Colour & Go 68 High Spirits: This is a shimmery greenish colour that has dried out. Not longer available.
  • Essence Colour & Go 43 Where Is The Party?: This is one of those nail polishes that look like oil, it's a really cool shade but this polish never stays on longer then a few hours before it starts chipping.
  • Essence Floral Grunge 03 Grunge Me Tender! (Suede): This was a polish of a limited edition that I really liked but also doesn't work, because of the finish. The suede look makes it impossible to put a top coat over it and you have to apply six layers until it's opaque. No longer available.  
  • Catrice Ultimate Nail Laquer 29 Will You Berry Me?!: I haven't had this berry nail polish for a long time but for some reason the brush is not straight. This makes it impossible to paint my nail with it and thats why I'm throwing it away. By clicking here you can read my review (in which the brush was still straight) but this nail polish is no longer available. 
  • Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer 520 Apropos Apricot: This is a gorgeous colour that unfortunately turned sticky and every time I try to use it the polish comes out in long threats and I put it away again. Time to throw it away! No longer available.
  • Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer 875 It's All I Can Blue: This I'm simply throwing away because I bought a new electric blue polish that I like better (this one) and because it's starting to dry out. By clicking here you can read my review but this nail polish is no longer available. 
  • HEMA Long Lasting Nail Polish 85: The reason that I'm throwing this gorgeous nail polish out is the same as the previous one, I've another one that I like more. I don't know if this is still available. 
  • NYC Top Coat 003 Disco Inferno: I have no idea what's wrong with this nail polish but I'm not able to open this polish. I've tried everything but nothing works so I'll just throw it away. No longer available. 
  • HEMA Long Lasting  Nail Polish (shade unknown): The number of this polish has rubbed off but this gorgeous mint nail polish is going for the same reason as the previous two ones. 
  • H&M Nail Polish Cherry: A while ago, this was a gorgeous bloodyred nailpolish but the bottle is really small and I finished it. It's one of the few polishes that I've ever finished in my whole life and I have no idea if it's still available.
  • W.I.C. by Herôme Chicago 58: I know that I photographed it but this one's staying. I wanted to throw it away because I haven't worn this in a very long time but when I opened this polish to see how thick it had become, I saw that it still was perfectly fine. No longer available.
  • W.I.C. by Herôme Edinburgh 116: This nail polish is going, the polish turned sticky and I'm not able to work with it anymore. No longer available.
  • W.I.C. by Herôme Buenos Aires 106: This polish is also going to the trashcan, same reason but luckily I've been able to find a polish that's very similar and just as gorgeous. No longer available.  
  • Gosh 548 Green Hawaii: I think this is the eldest polish in this batch. Once it was a pretty green top coat but now it's dried out, sticky and thick. No longer available.
  • NYC Expert Last Nail Polish 253 Mint Macaroon: Last year this was one of my favourite polishes but also this has been replaced but a mint polish that just looks better. This one is available.
  • Essence Nail Art Special Effect Topper 04 Mystic Mermaid: This polish is simply going because I never use it. No longer available. 
  • Essence Nail Art Special Effect Topper 08 Night In Vegas: This nail polish is a really cool holographic top coat but it's still going because I have another newer one of these.
Those were all the nail polishes I'm throwing away, quite a lot and that's a good thing, believe me I have way too many nail polishes.
Time for the shower products I finished. I don't know why but almost all the shower things i own at the moment are orange, maybe it's because of the world cup (orange is the colour of the Netherlands) but I have no idea to be honest. The product on the upper left is the Satsuma Body Polish from The Body Shop. I'm very much in love with this scrub and I'm really sad that it's gone. The product in the middle of the top row is also from The Body Shop, it's a Mini Mango Shower Gel. I'm surprised about the fact that I could take so many showers with this because it's really really small. I put this away for the winter but now I brought it out again and finished it. The last product of the top row is a sample of the Good Luck Scrub by Rituals, I was planning on saving this for when I finally went on holiday but when I wanted to shave my legs, I had to scrub them first. Unfortunately the last scrub I had was empty so I decided that I was going to use this one and I was pretty pleased.  It's a nice sugar scrub and it kicked off an amazing scent. The last product in this photo is a shower gel from Dove, this brands is one of my favourite brands when it comes to shower products. This is the Go Fresh Nourishing shower gel with the scent of nectarines and white ginger. I found this one in a Dutch store called the action and I've never seen it in other stores where they sell Dove products. That's a sad thing because this is an incredible summer scent, really fresh and lovely. 
On to the next photo, I told you I had finished many products these months. The first product is the Hair Removal Spray from Kruidvat that I reviewed recently and was already empty after one time using it. The second product is the Dove Hair Therapy Split Ends Rescue Leave-On Treatment that I used with a lot of joy for a very long time. I really loved this product because I really felt like it did something for my hair instead of the red product that's next to it in the photo. That's the Full Repair Perfect Ends Deep Infusion by John Frieda. The one from John Frieda didn't work but luckily I found the one from Dove, that did work.The next product on this photo that I finished is from The Body Shop that I absolutely loved. It was part from the limited edition they did for Christmas and out of those three, this is the Cranberry one (review).I also have a little tip for you, I always save these little mini things and use them for traveling. I also finished a nail polish remover from HEMA but that's not that interesting I think. The last product on this photo is also from The Body Shop and i't's their Peppermint Reviving Foot Soak. I've never written a review about this product but it's one of my absolute favourites. I've made several foot baths with this and it always manages to make my foot prettier and nicer, love it. 
These are the last three products I finished during may and june. One of them is my favourite moisturizer from Vichy that i keep repurchasing all the time. The one in the photo is the normal one and I've never written a review of this one but I did do one on the rich version of the Aqualia Thermal moisturizers, read it by clicking here. As almost always, there is a mascara in my empties post, this one is the Big Bold Curl Mascara from NYC. I've you read my review of this, you probably know that I'm not a big fan of this one. It's very clumpy and doesn't last good on my lashes, just not a good one and I don't recommend it. Then finally we've come to the end of this long blog post, my Nivea Aqua Effect Soothing Cleansing Cream. This is one of my favourite products, this is my fourth empty tube and I already bought a new one. 

And this is the end of this very long blog post. I really hope you enjoyed reading it and I hope this gave you some ideas of what to buy and what not to buy in the future. 


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