MAC Pink Plaid Lipstick

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I'm writing this review ahead of time but when you're reading this I've just had my prom. Here in the Netherlands proms are less of a big deal than in for example America, we do have them but not with those pretty dresses full of rhinestones, not with the big cars and usually not with dates (not in my case anyway). We are just too down-to-earth to make it a very big happening. This doesn't mean we don't try to look our best on the big night, oh no, we try really hard to be the prettiest version of ourself. Right now, a week before it's going to happen, I'm ready. I've picked out a pretty dress and nice makeup, and a nice lipstick is part of that. I wanted to treat myself and bought a new, quite expensive lipstick to wear during this special occasion. You've probably read it already in the title but I bought a new MAC lipstick that is called 'Pink Plaid'.
'Pink Plaid' is my second lipstick from MAC and just like my first, it's a retro matte one. My first MAC lipstick was a very bright fuchsia/purple shade and I really like the formula of it (read my review here). The retro matte lipsticks are matte and last a really long time, just what I need for my big night. At the counter I didn't even look at the other lipstick lines, I went straight to the matte ones and picked a shade I liked.
This lipstick has MAC's recognizable black with silver specks packaging that looks a bit like a bullet. I think it looks simple and sleek but also luxurious and fancy, just the way I like my lipstick to look :).
This gorgeous matte lipstick can best be described as a cool matte pink colour that makes your teeth look whiter than they actually are. For me this is a really good my-lips-but-better shade and I think this will become the lipstick that I wear on an almost daily basis. The texture of this retro matte lipstick is a little bit more creamy that my other one but it still looks just as matte, they both glide on like a dream only this one does it with just a little bit more ease...
(I was going to post a full face photo in which I wear this lipstick but since I'm not feeling that well because I partied all night at my prom and I haven't made this photo yet, that will come in a separate face of the day post).
I'm in heaven with my new and gorgeous MAC lipstick and I think this will return in many favourites posts. A Dutch beauty blogger describes this lipstick as sweet and cute and I think she nailed it with that description. It's indeed a very sweet lipstick that makes you look cute and girly, not that I mind that because that fits my look and personality quite well.
MAC Retro Matte Lipstick in 'Pink Plaid' is part of the regular collection and available at all MAC counters for €18,50.


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