MAC Flat Out Fabulous VS Catrice Matt-erial Girl

Hello my lovely readers,

Last month I wrote a review off my first MAC lipstick (read it here) and in that review I told you about a Catrice lipstick (read my review here) that seemed very similar in my eyes. Today I'm comparing the two of them to see if they are really as similar as I thought they were.  
The two lipsticks I'm talking about are 'Flat Out Fabulous' from MAC and 'Matt-erial Girl' by Catrice. Two gorgeous purpley-pink lipsticks that I both love and cherish. One very budget-proof and one quite expensive.
Even the packaging of these lipsticks look similar, they both come in sleek black bullets. If you look at them without swatching you can already see the similarities, the only difference I can see is that the one from Catrice looks shinier than the one from MAC.
This is how the swatches of both lipsticks look, the one on the top is the one from MAC and the bottom one is Catrice. You can clearly see that they look very much alike, there are however a few differences. 'Matt-erial Girl' is a bit darker and 'Flat Out Fabulous' looks more matte. It also looks like 'Flat Out Fabulous' has more purple in it than 'Matt-erial Girl'.
This is how both of them look on my lips, on the left you see the lipstick from Catrice and on the right you see the one from MAC. There is a difference but I cannot really see it, I think the biggest difference is the finish. The one from MAC is slightly more matte then the Catrice one but the shades are both very much alike.
I think Catrice 'Matt-erial Girl' is a very good budget proof dupe for MAC 'Flat Out Fabulous', two gorgeous lipsticks, one very cheap and one more expensive.


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