Kruidvat Wax Strips

Hello my lovely readers,

It's Monday again, a new week arrived and I'm feeling like shit. It started on Saturday and I'm still feeling not too well. I have absolutely no idea what I have but I keep feeling very nauseous and my headache won't go away. To top my misery off, I'm writing a review that isn't very positive, in fact, it's quite negative. I'm reviewing the wax strips from Kruidvat (a Dutch drugstore). If you have read my review of their hair removal spray, you know that I absolutely hate shaving. That removal spray worked but was empty after using it one time and smelled really bad. Last year I used wax strips from Veet and I really liked those but they're quite expensive, ten euros I believe and therefore I bought some cheaper ones from the homebrand (is that correct English? well I hope you understand).
I didn't really think price or brand would matter a lot when wax strips were the subject but it turns out that it really does. The Veet wax strips were really good and worked perfect but these ones from Kruidvat are awful. At first I cannot get them warm the way you're supposed to warm these strips up before you use them, they get a little bit warmer but they're not warm enough I think and therefore they don't work. Because the wax doesn't get hot enough, the wax doesn't remove your hairs, it just doesn't work the way it's supposed to work. Another thing I noticed when I removed the two strips from each other, was then the wax from one strip, came off and stuck to the other half. This was probably because the wax doesn't get hot enough but I still don't think that's supposed to happen.
After approximately five attempts, I gave up. The strips didn't remove my hair completely and I was sick of trying to make it work and I just stopped to write this negative review about them. Even Though these wax strips are only €2,99, I'd rather spend more for some that do work than buy these again.


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