For the month of June

Hello my lovely readers,

Today is the first day of June and I thought it would be the perfect day to tell you a few things that I'll be doing this month. First of all will there be a huge surprise on my blog, I'm not going to tell anything about it right now but I can assure you that you'll like it. Second you'll probably have noticed that I started with my normal schedule again, my exams are  finished and I finally have to time to work on my blog again.
Two other things I wanted to tell you don't have anything to do with my blog but I really want you to join me. They are three goals that I need to set myself to get ready for summer and to have enough money to go on vacation.
The 30 day ab challenge: This is a challenge I found on Facebook and I really want to do this. I've tried similar things before but I was never able to complete it, I usually quit after a week or so. This month is different, at the end of july I'll be lying next to a beautiful pool in France and I want to get my body in a shape that I'm comfortable with. Not that I think I'm fat or anything but my belly has always been the area of me that I'm insecure about. I really hope this challenge will give me more confidence in my bikini and I hope you're going to do this challenge with me. Next month I'll update you on my progress but for now I can tell you that did day 1 and that it went pretty well!
No Buy June: The second goal I want to set for myself is harder I believe. I don't want to buy anything during this month, in August I'm going to London and I really need to save some money to be able to go and shop there. Just like the sport challenge, I've tried this a couple times but never went a month without buying anything. This month will be different, it has to be and by writing it down here for you all to read I have to do it. The product reviews you'll see on my blog during the month of June will be of products that I already have right now and just like I'll do with the ab-challenge, I'll let you know how I did in the beginning of next month.
Eating healty: My final goal for this month is in line with the first one and it's eating healthier. I don't eat very healthy and I'm planning to change that this month, at the moment I don't eat enough fruit and my overall eating pattern is just way too bad. I'm one of those persons that snack all day long and I just have to have something to chew on  when I do stuff. This has to change if I want to become healthier (and if I want to achieve my first goal). Yesterday and today I started my day off with a bowl of yogurt with fruit, goji berries and coco fibres. Ever since I saw a review of these two superfoods on a Dutch blog I wanted to try them and I actually really like the taste of them. The goji berries are full of antioxidants and both of them are full of fibres. 

That was it for this post, I thought it would be fun to share these personal challenges with you and please let me know what your plans are for this month, I'd love to read them.


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