Eucerin Sun Allergy Protection Cream gel

Hello my loves,

I cannot exactly remember in which post I wrote it but I do know I wrote about it, with it I mean my sun allergy. This isn't something I have had forever, it started when I was about twelve years old and hasn't gone away ever since. When I first started to get red itchy bumps I went to the doctor and she told me that I had a sun allergy, I never looked it up or anything but when I was doing some research for this article, I found that there are different sorts of sun allergy. I don't know this for sure but the thing I have has all the symptoms of Polymorphus Light Eruption (PLE). This is an itchy rash caused by sun exposure and this rash usually appears as red, tiny bumps or slightly raised patches of skin. Well that exactly what I have, when I go into the sun and I don't have a tan (so in the spring/beginning of summer), my skin gets all red and itchy and nothing helps. Sometimes a sunscreen with a really high spf helps a little bit but I always have those itchy red bumps when I get into the sun.
I think you can imagine how happy I was when my mother brought this sunscreen home from her work, she works at a pharmacy. This sunscreen is proven to work against sun allergies such as PLE and I really hoped it would help me with my sun allergy.
The sunscreen is slightly yellow-tinted and quite thick but easy to smear, it does however take quite a long time until the cream has sunken in completely. I really like that this sunscreen doesn't give me a white cast, some sunscreens do that and I don't like that at all, it makes me look way paler than I am and I'm already very pale.
I've been testing this sunscreen for a couple of weeks now and I must say that I'm a little bit impressed. This sunscreen does really help with my allergy, when I use this, my rash is less red and itchy but the spf is way too low for me. Normally I use a spf 30 or 50 and I really need one that high because I would burn otherwise. That why this sunscreen isn't completely for me, there is one with spf 50 available but I haven't been able to find it at a store. The pharmacy where my  mother works doesn't have it in stock and for some reason they cannot order the spf 50 version. Because my mother bought this for me I don't know the exact price online I've found it for €18.


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