Cute clothing for a summer holiday

Hello my lovely readers,

I don't know about you guys but my favourite kind of holidays, are the ones to a sunny place. The joy of living in a country as small as the Netherlands, is that you can travel to another country in no time. I live in the middle of the Netherlands and that means that it's only an hour drive to Germany and approximately two hours to Belgium. For the past seventeen years I travelled through Europe and I went at least once a year on a holiday (sometimes even two times) and that while my family isn't rich or anything. We're very ordinary. In the almost eighteen years that I've been walking around on this planet I've been to Belgium, France, Spain, Germany, Poland, Austria, Switzerland. Italia, Samnaun and Denmark and that all by car bus or train, I've never been on a plane in my life. That's one of the perks of living in Europa, it's not that big and if your from a family with an ordinary income (for Dutch standards, I don't know how it's in other countries) you get to see quite a lot of countries in your life.
Still there are a lot of countries and cities I want to go tot, Australia and New Zealand for example are countries that I would love to visit. America, Indonesia, Brazil and India are also high on my list but even here in Europa there are cities I want to visit. Venice, Rome, Paris, London and Barcelona are five cities that I really want to go to and visiting London will happen in August. Before I go there I'm going on holiday with my parents for one last time, we're going to a place in the south of France that we've been going to for the past five years and I still enjoy it just as much as the first time I went there. I have friends here in the Netherlands that I met there and that I still talk to on a regular basis and I even have some friends over there in France. This time will probably be the very last time that I go there and I thought it would be fun to show you some clothes that I would wear on my holiday. Even though I've to wait two week until I actually go there, I'm cannot wait and I want to start the planning and packing already.
The first type of clothing you'll have to take with you on a summer holiday is of course beachwear. I already bought a new bikini to wear this year (the one on the photo above) and I also want to buy a bikini cover-up this year. I never had one but it just seems so convenient to have one. I've selected some cute ones in different styles and I think I will purchase that one from H&M, even though it doesn't go with my swimsuit at all.
These are the types of tops that I like to wear during a sunny holiday. They are all very floaty and airy, perfect for those hot summer days.
Bottoms & Playsuits
When you're on a sunny holiday, it's probably going to be very hot and humid. I basically live in shorts and dresses but lately I've been really liking playsuits, even though I don't actually own one. They just seem so easy to wear and comfortable. I usually just wear shorts or dresses in the summer but these two playsuits are just the cutest and I'm really craving those right now. 
Short dresses
During the winter I don't really wear dresses because I always feel too fancy. In the summer however, I wear quite a lot of dresses. Floral prints are my favourites and I just recently got a really cute floral dress that I'll probably wear a lot this summer.
Maxi dresses
This is really out of my comfort zone but I really think I have to go for long this summer. The area I live is very rural and you don't see a lot of maxi dresses, I think they're really pretty but I'm not brave enough to wear them. I think the third dress is absolutely gorgeous and maybe that will become the first maxi dress that I actually buy. 
These are the three shoes I wear usually wear on my holidays. I take a few pairs of flip-flops with me, my all-stars and a pair of sandals. The search for a cute sandals is for me quite hard, I have quite big feet and I haven't been able to find a pair that I like. The pair on this photo would be great but I cannot find it online. If someone of you knows where I can find a pair similar to this, please let me know.

Other stuff
The last products I have for you today are other products that I have to take with me on my holiday. I have to have my sunglasses and my jacket with me, I'll probably don't wear it but you never know if it will rain or will get chilly. The only accessories that I wear during the summer are some leather bracelets that I've sort of been collecting over the years from places I've travelled to and my silver ring that I bought in the beginning of this year. 
When I started writing this post, I thought I was writing my summer essentials post but it turned out to be a post full of cute summer clothes. Sometimes that's how I blog, I want to do one thing and I do something else. Not that I mind because I really like how this post turned out and I hope you did too.


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