Victoria's Secret Pure Seduction Fragrance Mist

Hello my lovely readers,

A few weeks ago I was at the Dutch drugstore called Etos and I couldn't believe my eyes. Did they seriously have some things from Victoria's Secret? Here in the Netherlands we don't have Victoria's Secret store and I had never seen there products (both bra's and beauty) anywhere else.
Etos had three different versions of this fragrance mist. A yellow, blue and this pink one. I smelled them all and I instantly fell in love with the pink 'Pure Seduction' scent. This scent not called that way for nothing, if I had to describe this in one word, that word would be sexy. This fruity flowery fragrance mist consists out of red plum and freesia and is infused with aloe vera to condition the skin and chamomile for a calming effect.

The bottle is absolutely gorgeous but doesn't photograph well. I took quite a lot of photos but the only one that was nice enough is the one you see on the photo above. Sometimes products are just like people, some of them just don't look good on photos.

Ever since I got this big bottle (250 ml), I've been using it. The scent is amazing and even though it's a warm scent, this is the perfect evening spring/summer scent. I bought this bottle for €10,- at, like I said, Etos. I have no idea if it's still available but if you're here in the Netherlands and want to get your hands on something from VS, than this might be one of the few changes you'll get.


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