Satsuma Body Polish by The Body Shop

Hello my lovely readers,

After having one of the most busy periods of my life I had finally time to clean my room last weekend. I threw out a lot of junk but I also found some products of which I forgot I even had. Somewhere hidden in the mess that I called my room, I found this lovely product from The Body Shop.
This is the product I found, it's called the Satsuma Body Polish from The Body Shop and it's a gentle daily exfoliant. The one I have is in a little mini size that once came with a gift set I purchased for my mother (she doesn't like scrubs so she gave it to me) and it holds 75 ml (the full size is 200 ml). According to the Body Shop this exfoliating, foaming gel gently buffs away dead skin cells to leave skin soft and smooth. It has a zesty citrus scent. I sniffed, I tried and I loved.

Some of you may know that fruity scents are my favourite, especially citrus is heaven on earth for me. Therefore the scent is one of my favourite things about this product, it has a very strong mandarin (or satsuma) scent and let me tell you, I like it! This scrub will make your bathroom smell like an orange garden and your body like a big, fat, juicy orange. The scent of some shower products disappears as soon as you leave the shower but this really lingers for a long time.
This is how the actual scrub looks like, I had to look up what the scrub particles were and I found out that they were crushed walnut shells and loofah particles (I have now idea what these are). I also found the other main ingredients that make this scrub such a delicious product. It has orange essential oil to uplift, refresh and energize your senses (it also makes this smell so delicious) and it also contains satsuma juice. This juice not only gives the product it's nice orange color but it also is a antioxidant that helps to protect and nourish your skin. Another ingredient that make this scrub as good as it is, is honey. An ingredient that I did not expect at all since it doesn't smell like it. Honey is amazing in body product because it moisturizes, but I didn't have to tell you that I think.
Than you obviously want to know what I think of the actual scrub, scent is important but how well it works is equally as important. I really like the way this body polish scrubs, it's mild but it does the job really well. It also lathers quite nice, some scrub stay the way they are but this one foams up and I have the feeling I don't really have to use a body wash with it since it leaves my skin squeaky clean. Even though this scrub is more moisturizing than many other scrubs I've tried, I'd still use a body butter or lotion afterwards. Scrubbing is and stays a harsh thing and your skin still needs a little bit of love after.
I'm in love with this deliciously smelling body polish and I think this tube will be empty very soon.... The scent is perfect for this time of the year and I really want to pick up some matching products (the body wash sounds really good). I also think it won't take long before I buy the big version of this, it costs €10,- and I think that totally worth it!


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