NYC City Samba Summer Collection

Hello my lovely readers,

NYC has a new collection in stores; the City Samba Summer Collection. Here in the Netherlands this collection consists out of products that aren't all new but are all added to the permanent collection. In America (I think) however, some new products and shades are new. The Sun N' Bronze Bronzing Powders look amazing but those aren't available here in the Netherlands. The products that are available here in the Netherlands are still pretty amazing and I think the overall collection looks pretty good.
These are the three products I bought from the collection and I think all three of them are gorgeous. I bought two different kind of nail polishes and a lipstick. The 'In A New York Minute Quick Dry Nail Polish' in '350 Rooftop Party Berry', the 'Expert Last Long Wearing Nail Polish' in '269 Hudson Breeze' and the 'Expert Last Lip Color' in '441 Traffic Jam'. The red nail polish and lipstick are on the NYC website but the the blue nail polish isn't, therefore I'm doubting if they're all permanent and new.
I'm starting this review with the lipstick, the 'Expert Last Lip Color'. These lipsticks are moisturizing, comfortable and longwearing, at least that's what NYC claims. They're right on the first two points but not on the third point. The lipstick lasts for a decent amount of time but sure not for the six hours that the brand claims.
WOOW, my skin shows up incredible white on this photo, believe me I'm fair but not that fair. The lipstick however is gorgeous. It's a pretty fiery, bright, very pigmented red colour and it wears really comfortably. It may not last the six hours that it claims but it does stay nicely put on your lips for quite some long time. I think this type of bright, red lipstick works really well in the spring time and I think for me this will become the first red that I actually wear.
Than it's time for the first of the two nail polishes, the gorgeous blue one to be exact. I recently threw out a lot of my old nailpolishes because they'd dried out or got bad. Among those nail polishes (you'll probably see them in my empties posts) was an electric blue one that I loved. That's probably why I didn't hesitate to buy a new nail polish to add to my already too big collection. This is a beautiful electric blue nail polish that's beautifully opaque in two layers.
The second nail polish is this gorgeous raspberry red polish. NYC claims that these two polishes have different formulas but I don't really notice much difference. They're both really easy to apply and I even feel like they have the same brush. I also don't notice a difference in the duration or the opaqueness (is that a word?). This nail polish is also opaque in two coats and the color is just gorgeous, in real life the color is a bit darker than on the photo but it's still really pretty.
An that was it already for this review. Two gorgeous nail polishes and a lipstick that's equally as pretty, and all that beauty for some reasonable prices. The lipstick costs €3,29 the red nail polish €2,49 and the blue one €2,99. Three amazing products for amazing prices.


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