MAC Retro Matte Lipstick Flat Out Fabulous

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I did something naughty, I'm currently saving money for my trip to London in August but when I was a MAC counter with one of my friend I couldn't withhold myself and purchased something. MAC is not the most expensive brand but it's still not cheap either. Here in the Netherlands a MAC lipstick (which is the product I bought) costs €18,50 which is approximately $25. I believe that they only cost $15 dollars in America. That's 10 dollars cheaper, life is just not fair!
The lipstick I went for is called 'Flat Out Fabulous' from the Retro Matte line (is this how you name the different types of lipstick?).
The lipsticks come just like all MAC products in a little black box with white letters. I even got a little Clinique sample at the counter.
The packaging of the regular MAC is black with little teeny tiny silver dots that remind me of stars. I think the packaging looks very sleek and the silver details give it a very luxurious feel. The only thing I don't like is the fact that the lipstick doesn't stand very firm in the bullet, when I apply it on my lips the actual lipstick wiggles a bit and moves to the sides and this damages the lipstick on the back. I hope you understand what I mean to say and I also hope this is just the case with the Retro Matte ones because those are stiffer and last therefore longer.
Flat out fabulous is describes as a bright plum matte and I don't think I could describe that any better. In real life the lipstick looks a bit darker than on the photo above but the next couple of photos show the actually colour a lot better.

Isn't it gorgeous? I love this colour and the blue/purple tone makes my teeth look really really white.The matte finish is my favourite kind of finish in a lipstick because it usually means that it lasts really long. This one isn't an exception on that rule, I only have to reapply it once during the day. The one downside that matte lipsticks can have is that they can be a bit drying. This one does dry my lips out a little bit but it's not that it makes my lips flaky or anything. Just apply a little bit lipbalm when you remove the lipstick and your lips are fine again.
The add
I think this lipstick is really versatile and perfect for the whole year. You could wear it during the autumn winter time as a dark plum or during the spring/summer as a bright pop of colour, for me this is a staple for my lipstick collection. If you want a shade as this but don't want to pay €18,50 you could also go for '270 Matt-erial Girl' by Catrice (review), that lipstick is quite similar to 'Flat Out Fabulous' and I think I'm going to compare them for you in a separate blogpost.


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