Dove Beauty Blossom Nourishing Body Lotion

Hello my lovely readers,

I predicted it a while ago and last Wednesday it happened, I wasn't able to post and I'm very sorry for it but I was too busy with school. Today however, I do have a new post/review for you. Last year I reviewed two products of the Dove Beauty Blossom line (read that review here) and this year I'm reviewing the other product from this summer line. Last year I reviewed the shower wash and body cream and this year I bought the body lotion.
This body lotion is, like I said, from the 'Beauty Blossom' line. This is a limited line from Dove that was released last year and has returned this year. All three products have the 'Deep Care Complex', this basically means that they're very moisturizing. The body lotion is perfect for all skin types.
The beauty blossom line smells like white blossom and I personally think it's smells amazing. Last year I was a big fan of the products I used and I think this body lotion will become a huge favourite this spring and summer.
The body lotion is very liquid but doesn't slip of your body when you apply it and sinks really fast into your skin. I've used it for two weeks non-stop now and I'm really happy with the result. My skin is softer and the red bumps I always have on my legs are almost completely gone.I did use it every day (which is a record for me, I wanted to review it really well) and I noticed it really helped my skin.
This will for sure become a favourite this spring and summer and I hope you enjoyed reading my review as much as I enjoy the product. You can buy this body lotion (and the other products from the beauty blossom line) for €7,11 but it on sale on a lot of stores for approximately 4 euros.


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