April Favourites

Hello my lovely readers,

Another month has gone by and may is already going for three days, this can only mean one thing right?
This month I picked 9 favourites to share with you. These are the products I've been loving a lot lately and that I've used almost every day. I've written reviews of most of the products and I'd love it if you'd click on the links and check them out. Enjoy!
Fa was a brand that never really caught my eye, I knew it existed but I never really tried there products. It started with the Sensual & Oil showergels (review) and now I'm really into the deodorant from this brand. The Floral Protect deodorant with poppy and bluebell has been the one that I used the whole month and I love it.
I thought I had included this in my last months favourites but no, I hadn't. This scent is my-go-to-perfume for the springtime and it's starting to get really empty. The amount of perfume that's left comes no further than the 'eau so fresh' letters on the bottle. This makes me very sad......
I wore quite a lot of foundation this month and the one I've been reaching for (not that I own that many foundations) is this one from Rimmel. The shade is just true perfection for me and I love the way it applies. The coverage is great but you won't get a 'pancake-face', it just covers up the redness in your face and let little spots like freckles shine through. Another great thing is the spf that's in it, I have a sun allergy and need the wear sunscreen everyday (not that you shouldn't wear protection, it's really important to protect your skin from the sun) and this foundation helps me when I forget to apply sunscreen.
You could already see this in my easter look of the day (view it here) and now I also feature it in my favourites. I love applying this along my lower lash line to achieve a very springy effect. The formula of the pencil is nice and creamy so it doesn't tuck on your eyes but when it's set, it doesn't more either. This lilac blue shade has been one of my favourite colours lately because it just makes me happy, I don't really have another reason beside that.
Then the eyeshadows that I've been loving this month. In the autumn or winter I like dramatic dark looks but during the spring and summer I usually go a little bit lighter and brighter. The light brown shade from this eyeshadow palette has been perfect for what I wanted to achieve and I've been using it a lot. I just use my finger to apply this on my eyelid and blend it a bit with a fluffy blending brush and I'm done.
The skincare product that I've been loving this month it this peeling from La Roche-Posay. I kind of stopped using this for a while just because I forgot I had it but when I was tidying up the drawer where I keep my skincare products I found this again. I've been using this once every week and I just notice such a difference when I do this. My skin feels smoother, I have less spots and thingies and my skin seems to be glowing more. When I got this I thought I would run out super quickly because it's only 50ml but that not the case, you don't need a lot of product to do your whole face and my tube is only half-empty while I've used it a lot.
My last beauty related favourite is this body cream from Rituals that I use for my hands. I started using this product on my body and loved it but the tube went empty so quickly that once I thought I didn't have enough left to do my whole body I started using this on my hands, one of the best decisions ever.This cream smells amazing and the best thing is that it doesn't leave your hand feeling very greasy for long. The product sinks into your skin almost immediately! 
My final favourite is a food favourite and a very healthy one for my standards. I'm a sugar junkie and I love me some chocolate, ice or other snacks that aren't that great for you. Last month I decided to start eating better and work-out more (I really want to get a flatter belly for the bikini season that's coming really soon). The problem is that I'm a really picky eater and I don't like a lot of food. Bananas for example, I love the taste of them but the texture grosses me out, you see what I mean with picky? This month I tried a lot of fruits to see what I liked and the things that stood out were strawberries, white grapes and blueberries. The first two are quite expensive but blueberries are in proportion a little bit cheaper, you get more for the same price. I've been eating a few blueberries a day (15-20) and I know it's just in my mind but feel healthier.

FINISHED! These were my favourites of the month April and I hope you enjoyed reading about them. Please let me know what your favourite products of the moment are and I hope I'll see you next month for my May favourites (and in the meantime of course). 


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