Andrélon Surprising Volume Lif-Up Mousse & Hairspray

Good morning my lovely readers,

Hair, it's a curious thing, my hair is long, brown and pretty much lifeless. I don't really do a lot with it but I do try to give it more life and volume with different products. Dry shampoo and mousse are the two things I use regularly and were Baptiste is my favourite for the first product, the Dutch brand Andrélon is my favourite for the second one.
As I said, Andrélon is a Dutch brand and I don't think they sell it in other countries, maybe Belgium but I don't know that for sure. Andrélon has a few different lines for different results. My favourite one is the 'Surprising Volume' line (or 'verrassend volume' as we say in Dutch). This line is enriched with collagen and promises to make your hair thicker, fuller and more voluminous.
Every line has different colours and the colour of this line is green. It's a nice contrast with the purple that almost every product from Andrélon has. Both of them have a strong hold but they promise something different, not very weird since they're two different products. The mousse promises to give the ultimate volume boost and give you full and airy hair (I don't know if I can say airy in English when it comes to hair but I think you'll know what I mean). The Hairspray however, promises to fixate volume from the roots and prolonged volume.
First the mousse, my favourite product out of the two. This I use when my hair is almost dry and I feel like it gives my hair just a little bit more body and life. According to the instructions on the back of the product, you'll have to blowdry your hair into place but I never really do that. I rarely use heat on my hair (I only own a blowdryer and a straightener) and I think this mousse works just as good when you don't blow dry it.
Than the hairspray, I don't have a photo to show you the product since it's clear but I'm very content with it. Hairspray isn't a product I use regularly but I did use this one a few times to be able to give you a proper review. The nozzle (is that the correct word) looks very funny but it does work really well. Because of the funny shape I can really get to my roots and fixate the volume. Another thing I really like about this is the fact that it holds the volume I create really long.
I'm really content with these two styling products that have found their way into my life. The 'Surprising Volume' line has more products in it and I really want to try the other ones as well. The beach effect spray is high on my list of products I want to try. I cannot remember the price of these products correctly but Andrélon products are not expensive (they're sold in drugstores) and I believe they were around the 5 euros each.

I hope you enjoyed reading about these products eventough they might not be available where you live. 
Love, Me

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