Vichy Idéalia Life Serum

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A skin care review on 'flowers instead of lemons' today, something a little bit different. I usually don't review a lot of skin care products because I normally stick to the products I use but lately I've been using something new. At first I wasn't going to write a review about it because I was a bit sceptical but after I tried it for a while I wanted to share this serum with you and share my thoughts about it.  
The serum I'm talking about is the Idéalia Life Serum by Vichy. The Idéalia line is designed for older skin (so I'm a little bit too young with my seventheen springs) but I still like it. I don't thing it can do any harm to use this product, certainly not if it seems to work
According to Vichy this product is amazing for skin that's exposed to daily excesses: overstressed, pollution, unbalanced diet. Suitable for all skin types and all skin ethnicities, even sensitive skin. Good for everyone you could say. A lot of people are overstressed (including me) and almost everyone is exposed to pollution. Personally I've not the healthiest habits when it comes to eating and I think I'm not the only one. All the factors influence your skin and this serum is supposed to help reduce the effects they have on it.
The serum comes in a glass pink flask that feels very luxurious. Underneath the letters; 'Idéalia Life Serum', you see the some weird letters and numbers; '[LR2412+LHA]. This is a combination of two molecules LR2412 and LHA. One of these molecules, 2412 mimics the ability of a plant to repair itself after damage. We humans need this process as well and this molecule gives our natural protection system that little extra boost, 2412 gives it that boost. LHA, the other molecule, works in a similar fashion to salicylic acid, a popular skin care ingredient, and it basically decreases the concentration of bacteria found within your pores. It combats acne (what I don't have) and is very good for anti-aging. 
The flask has a little pump that gives you the perfect amount of product. One pump is just enough for your whole face and this means you don't waist any product. A pump is also more hygienic than a jar or something like that because you don't have to put your fingers in it. 
This is what the actual product looks like. On the photos it looks stark white but in real life it has a pink pearlescent finish. When you rub it, it looks like it has some shimmer in it as well. This makes your skin look very radiant and awake.
The consistency is very nice, it's really thick or heavy. On the contrary, it's very light and it doesn't feel greasy at all. You keep seeing the glow it gives your skin but you cannot feel the actual product on your face. I've been using this product for a few weeks now and I really like it. I apply this at night before my moisturizer and my skin has been looking more radiant and I feel like it looks and feels more smooth than it did before. Ow and before I forget to mention it, it smells really nice!
I can really recommend this product. My skin has been looking better and it seems like my pores appear more tightened. You don't  see result right away (your skin does feel softer from the beginning) but after two weeks I started to see changes. I was really afraid that this would give me pimples because it's quite moisturizing and I thought that this in combination with a moisturizer would be too much but it isn't! This product is a big hit for me and I certainly hope you'll give it a try as well.
I don't know what  the price is but I do know that Vichy isn't very expensive, it's a pharmacy brand and it's not cheap but it's not breaking your bank account as well.


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