Spring Makeup Items

Hello my lovely readers,

Spring has landed and I thought it would be fun to pick a few items that suit this time a year. Just quickly showing some products that I love and fit into this time a year.
As I said I love these seven products that I love and remind me of the springtime. Most of them are pink but that's just the time that reminds me of spring, I can't help it.
The first item I picked is a lipstick from Bourjois. This soft pink lipstick is perfect for this time a year, it's a little bit sheer but not so sheer that you cannot see the colour anymore, the coverage is just perfect. The shade is perfect as well, it reminds me of blooming flowers (especially of hyacinths)!
The second item I'm writing about is the Kohl Kajal pencil from Catrice. I think this blue pencil is perfect for the springtime, especially when you wear it on your lower waterline. It gives you just the pop of colour that you need to  give your makeup look the touch of spring it needs.
This is one of my favourite shades to wear during the springtime. This particular soft pink shade is one of my favourites to wear during the summer but it's also really wearable during this.time a year.
The Color Tattoos from Maybelline are one of my favourite makeup items and this is one I bring out during the spring time. This pink shimmery base is gorgeous but I only really wear it during this time a year, I should wear it more though.
Revlon ColorStay 12 Hour Eye Shadow 05 Blushed Vines
This is an eyeshadow palette by Revlon that I love to wear over the color tattoo I just showed you. The soft purple shades go really well with the pinky color tattoo and the look it gives me has a super springy vibe. I never wrote a review about this because the eyeshadows were cracked when I bought it (in the dollar store for 2 euros) but I can really recommend it.
This is one of my favourite scents and eventhough I wear all year long, it's perfect for spring. The photo that you see is an old one and my bottle is currently 1/4 empty which shows how much I love it, doesn't it?
This is the only expensive item in this post (because I don't own that many expensive items) and that price isn't for nothing.  This Chanel lipstick is just amazing and it's a shade that I wear way too much. For the spring, this is the perfect shade. It's bright pink and matte (that's not on trend this year) which makes it basically me in a lipstick bullet.

I hope you enjoyed my little post with these pretty springy items, they made me very happy that's one thing thats for sure. You can click on the green titles of the products to go to the reviews I wrote about them.


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