Rimmel Match Perfection Light Perfecting Radiance Foundation

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I don't really like reviewing foundation because I find it really hard. They are very personal and everybody wants another things. Some people like a dewy finish and other people want a complete matte face, I personally like a combination of both. My skin is pretty fair so I don't need a lot of coverage but I do tend to get a little bit red sometimes. When it comes to foundations I'm not very picky but I do know when I don't like something. After I finished my L'Oréal Nude Magique Eau De Teint Foundation (review), I went on the hunt for a new one. Rimmel was on sale and therefore I went for the 'Match Perfection Light Perfecting Radiance Foundation'.
This foundation has been around for a while and I've read some really good reviews about it. According to Rimmel this foundation should be the perfect match that gives your skin a radiant glow and  it should stay flawless all day long. 
The foundation comes in a glass flask with a pump. One pump gives you just enough product to cover your whole face. My skin is very light and therefore I went for the lightest shade which is called '100 Ivory'. For me this is the perfect shade and it matches my neck perfectly at the moment (probably not anymore when I get a little bit more tanned). 
This is what my skin looks without any foundation. I'm blessed with a nice clear skin with a few red areas and some freckles/pigmentation spots on my cheeks. I never really have pimples or acne or anything like that and I'm very happy with that.
I've taken photos on separate days to show the foundation in different ways. On the photo above I'm wearing it in a natural way. I'm just wearing some eyeliner, mascara and some mattifying powder with bronzer and a hint of blusher.
And this is the more glamorous look (I wore it to a musical) I made. It's basically the same as the one before only with eyeshadow and red lips. I wore this eyeshadow duo with a little bit of grey from this palette through my crease. The red lipstick I'm wearing is from from Rimmel (number 1). 
I love the way this foundation looks. It's dewy but when you put a powder over it, it stays matte all day. There aren't any ingredients on the flask but I bed there are silicones in it, it just slides on too easy. I personally don't mind this but some people get break-outs from this. If you're prone to silicones you might pass this foundation on but if you don't mind (like me) this is a great foundation for you.
You can buy this foundation at the drugstore for €12,99.


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