Products I've Used Up! March & April 2014

Hello my lovely readers.

Today it's time for the second post of empties this year. Sometimes you have those months that go so incredibly slowly and these past two were one of those. I felt like they continued forever and now that they are over everything is coming so quick and suddenly, in one and a half week I have my finals and that's SOO soon! The photos in this article are a bit rubbish but they just didn't want to be pretty, the light was bad and my mood wasn't that great either. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy it!
The first three products I finished are for your hair, a shampoo and conditioner from Dove and a dry shampoo from Batiste. First the shampoos, I love the dove shampoos especially the ones for damages hair with split-ends.These are the intense repair ones and I enjoyed them a lot, the do what they promise and keep my hair looking healthy and nice. This Batiste dry shampoo is another one of my favourites, ever since I discovered this version with brown powder it has been  a lifesaver. I have light brown hair and the normal dry shampoos always give me grey hair, this one doesn't. The only thing I don't like is the scent, it smells like chocolate and that's not something I really like in the early morning.
Than three shower products, two showergels and a salt scrub. The two showergels are from Fa from the 'Sensual & Oil' line and I really enjoyed using these. Vanille isn't my favourite scent but the scent of this shower gel was surprisingly nice, you can read my review about them here.  The other product is a salt scrub from Kruidvat (this is a Dutch drugstore), it smells like lavender and I loved it. The scent was very relaxing and it scrubbed all my dead skin away leaving me with supersoft skin. Before this version I used one that's called the 'Hammam', you can read my review here.
I also finished two deodorants and a perfume these months. The deodorant from Nivea wasn't that great, it didn't work and it just didn't do anything. The one from Dove is a deodorant I always use and never let's me down. This particular scent was really nice and perfect for this time a year. The perfume I finished is 'Seductive I'm Yours' from Guess and it's a perfume I've been using for a couple of years with a lot of joy. It's a good scent for the autumn/winter but can still be worn on those hot spring/summer nights.
These are the two skincare products I finished, a micellaire water from Vichy and a cleansing gel from Eucerin. The micellaire water is one of my favourites but still doesn't beat Bioderma, that review can you read here. The Eucerin cleansing gel was good but I only started using it because I had nothing and found this in the bathroom cabinets. I just wouldn't repurchase it because I felt like it didn't remove my makeup completely.
This month I finished quite a lot of makeup products, three foundations and a concealer plus more makeup on the next photo. The L'oreal foundation is an amazing light foundation for everyday that I used with a lot of joy everyday. I did think it finished quite simply but that's probably because it just has a opening, not a pump or something, and it sounds a bit stupid but it hurts a bit to throw the beautiful glass packaging away. I am putting the BB-cream (review) and the foundation (review) from Catrice away because they're old, I wrote the reviews more than a half year ago and I think it's time to put them in the trashcan. The concealer from Maybelline is my favorite under-eye concealer and as soon as Maybelline goes on sale again I will repurchase it.
These are the last four products that I finished or that went too old. This lipgloss from Catrice is gorgeous but got discontinued a while ago and now mine just doesn't smell good anymore. I wish I could repurchase it because it's truly a nice gloss. I'm also throwing away this NYC mascara, you  can read my review here, because it's three months old.  The Maxfactor smoky eye effect is an absolute no. The packaging is crappy and the product creases like hell. I have had this for some years now and I finally thought about including this in a empties post.  The last product from this post is a liquid eye-liner from Rimmel that I've been loving a lot. I'm throwing it away because it doesn't smell good anymore.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post!


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