New in: Asos Rings

Hello my lovely readers,

I don't have a review for you guys today, no today I want to show you the things I ordered from Asos. This is a website that I like very much and a while ago I placed an order there. It arrived quite quickly (in four days) and I was not going to share it at first but then I thought, why not?
I ordered two rings from there (this one and this one) and I've fallen in love with them lately. They weren't too expensive and I really like way they look. I got them in different sizes to make sure at least on of them would fit. One is gold and one is silver.

This gold 'Three Bar Ring' was on sale for €4,21 and it fits my ring finger perfectly. The ring looks quite big but still looks dainty, I know that that sounds weird but it really is that way. I don't really like the shade of gold it has, it too yellow which makes it look a little bit fake and therefore cheap in my opinion. Maybe I'll rub some sandpaper on it and let's hope that makes it looks a little bit cooler.
This is the second ring I got. It's a old looking leaf ring that I bought a size too big because I wanted it to fit my middle finger. I didn't had any rings that I could put on my middle finger but I really wanted it because I think it looks really cool and different. This ring is and was €7,02.
The rings came in a little black box that I did not expect, I was expecting to get them in an envelop or something but I was pleasantly surprised. And before I forget to mention it, the nail polish I'm wearing in the photos is from Essence and it's called '174 Purple Sugar'.


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