Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner

Hello my lovely readers,

Usually I draw my winged eyeliner with a gel eyeliner in a jar from Maybelline but lately that has been drying out. It's still really good and I can still use it but it's becoming a little bit harder to draw the perfect wing with it. That's why I wanted to buy a new product to do this. At first I wanted to buy the same gel eyeliner again but they've renewed it and I've read a lot of bad reviews of the new one. Therefore I went for something different and this time I bought an eyelinerpen, the Master Precise Liquid Liner which is also from Maybelline.
I did use some of these felt-tip eyeliner pens before and I've have always been very pleased with the ones I tried. This one from Maybelline is completely new for me and I cannot remember that I've ever read a review of it. Maybe that's a bad this or this is a hidden gem, let's see.
The packaging is basic black with white letters, very average and not very original but certainly not ugly. The tip is longer than I expected and the point isn't completely stiff, it's a bit wobbly (is that a word, I don't know). I usually like the stiffer shorter tips so I'm afraid I won't like this, but you never know so let's try it.
Looks pretty good if you look at this photo, right? Well the first time I used it I thought it was nice, it wasn't amazing or anything, it was just a good liner. However, the second time I used it, the product wasn't black anymore. After using it once, I'm only able to draw a watery black/greyish line and the top is so weak that I cannot draw a decent line with it. The first time it was fine but the day after it has lost it's touch and it's basically very crappy.
Well this is a big miss for me, Maybelline is quite expensive here in the Netherlands and I'm very disappointed in this product (I the Maybelline Color Tattoos, read my review here). The quality is just not worth the 10 euros that I payed for it, that is almost $15! No I wouldn't recommend this liner, I'll try and use it until it's dried out (which is usually after a month with these kind of products) and than I'll be buying a new product to draw my winged eyeliner with.


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