March Favourites

Hello my lovely readers,

March has ended, yesterday was april fools, almost two weeks ago I changed the name of my blog into 'Flowers instead of lemons', I went to a concert of my favourite band and the sun started shining here in the Netherlands. Last year we had snow (I believe) and this year I can walk outside in a t-shirt, how weird is that! Not that you hear me complained, ow no, I love the sun and I hope summer will come sooner then it did last year. FAVOURITES TIME!
Yves Rocher Shower Cream Mango Passion Fruit + The Body Shop Mango Body Butter
My first favourite this month is a combination favourite, two products with mango. I've been loving these in and after the shower and the scents go really well with each other. You can read the review I wrote about the shower cream by clicking on the green link but I never wrote a review about the body butter. I wrote a review of two other body butter from The Body Shop (click hereto read them) but this scent is by far my favourite. I love the scent of mango and the consistency of this butter is perfect, not too hard and not too liquidy, just right.
WHOOP WHOOP, I finally got into shaping. I don't why but I never really picked this trend up (until now). Other people looked beautiful when they did this but I was too afraid to even try it properly. Last month I forced myself to give it a try again and I ended up really loving it. My face can be described best as a babyface and when I noticed that I can make myself look like my actual age when I add a little bit of bronzer to the hollows of my cheeks and my temples, the damage was done. I got addicted to shaping. The blush in this palette is too dark and too shimmery for my liking, this is the famous dupe for Nars Orgasm but I don't get the hype, it´s really orange and way too shimmery.  The highlighter on the other hand is beautiful, that one is really pretty.
Flora by Gucci Glamorous Magnolia
A long long time ago I bought a perfume, a really nice smelling perfume called 'Glamorous Magnolia'. I fell in love but the flame went out for a while. Now after two year, the flame has lit up again I the sparks are flying every time I use this. This month I decided to grab this perfume by Gucci again and as I said, I fell in love again with this gorgeous scent that smells like spring. When I bought this I wrote a review but I'm not able to find it and my bottle looks horrific (the sticker has been peeled of, lost the bow and it's gotten dirty), so no photo of it. I also almost finished it so there's barely any product left, a sad thing since I love it so much and I don't really wanna buy a new perfume at the moment (I'm saving for my summer holidays). 
This favourite is a relatively new one but this favourite does not contain the whole palette, only the shadow in the upper right corner. This color is a little bit more shimmery than I usually like taste but it's just so pretty! I have loved wearing this all over the lid with a shade from the Catrice Absolute Nude Eyeshadow Palette in my crease past month, gorgeous.
Than I have a little bit of a random favourite. Last month I went to a concert of my favourite band in the whole world; Bastille and it was absolutely amazing. If you want to see more of the photos I took you can go to this post: Photo Diary: Bastille In The HMH.
My last favourite of this month, already we've reached the end of this blogpost. This month I've been basically wearing one single blush, and that blush is this limited edition one from Catrice. I wasn't too sure about it at first but it's absolutely gorgeous (except the packaging but you know that already if you've read my review) and perfect for springtime. The color is subtle but nicely pigmented and suits my skin really well, I love it!

Finished, finito, fin or as we say here in the Netherlands; einde. My March favourites have ended! I hope you like reading about the products that I've been loving this month. April will be very stressful (this week I have exams and in May I have my finals) so I don't think I will have that many favourites and some of my post can be a little bit short. You'll have to Forgive me for that because after that period, I'll be free to blog as much as I want, really looking forward to that.


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