LOTD: Bright Easter Brunch

Hello my lovely easterbunnies!

Before I even start this post I want to take a moment and wish you all a happy easter. I know that it's already the second day of easter but don't post on Sundays (my schedule is Monday, Wednesday and Saturday). I still wanted to stay in the easter spirit and post a blogpost that fits into that theme. Then I thought, why not share my easter look with you?
Today I'm showing the look I wore yesterday to my grandmothers easter brunch. I will go into all the details of my look in this post and I think it will be a lot of fun! My clothing was simple and sophisticated but nice and bright and therefore perfect for the spring time.
My blog is and will be a beauty blog so therefore I'm starting with the makeup I wore. On the photo above you see all the products I used (except my brow powder, I forgot to photograph it). I kept it very simple with just one eyeshadow color and nothing really difficult. On the photos below you can see my final makeup look and underneath that you'll find a list with all the products I used.
The products I used (you can click on them to go to the reviews I wrote):
I didn't use that many products like I said and I kept it quite simple with just one eyeshadow, some liner and pencil underneath my eye. Lately I've been loving to apply this blue pencil underneath my eye, it gives you a very pretty pop of colour and it's the exact same blue as the blue that's in the top that I'm wearing.
Well this is me, this is the first photo that I've ever put on my blog in which you can really see me. You can see very well how bright the blue pencil underneath my eyes is and I think it's absolutely gorgeous. My green top with white sketchy flowers is from Topshop (I featured it in this post, you can see it better there) and my subtle necklace is quite old and from Forever 21. With this I just wore some skinny jeans from H&M and black pumps from La Strada. The perfume I sprayed on that morning is Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana.

And that was it for todays post, I hope you enjoyed reading it and I hope you liked the look I made for this easter. The weather here in the Netherlands was incredibly nice and it couldn't have been a better day in my opinion.
What did you do yesterday/today and did you have a fun easter?


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  1. You're very pretty! I love your blog because you post few times a week :) Good luck!