Fa Floral Protect Poppy & Bluebell Deodorant

Hello my lovely readers,

I don't read or write a lot of reviews about deodorants simple because it's not that interesting. Most people stay true to the deodorant they've been using for years and for me that deodorant was from Dove. I always took a different scent than the one I used before but when I finished my last  one I decided it was time for a change...
Buying a deodorant is hard, believe me. I thought I could just pick up a new one but I was overwhelmed by the choices. The only thing I knew was that I did't want a roller, but that didn't make it any easier. Eventually I just started smelling them (even though your not really allowed to spray them in the store) and when I finally found a scent I liked I almost squealed. Luckily I didn't because that would have been really embarrassing. The deodorant I liked is the Fa Floral Protect in the Poppy and Bluebell scent.

There are some different versions of the floral protect line, three to be exact. The one I bought which is called 'Poppy and Bluebell', another one called 'Magnolia & Neroli' and the last one which is called 'Orchid & Viola'. Here in the Netherlands we only have the one I own and the 'Orchid & Viola' version. Each scent comes in three different version a deospray, a deo roll-on or a bigger deo roll-on (like the Lady Speed Sticks) but here in Holland we only have the deo sprays. For me that doesn't really matter because I prefer sprays but if you don't like them you cannot buy another version and that kind of sucks, right?
Discover the scent revolution: reliable antiperspirant protection and all day release of Poppy & Bluebell fine fragrance.Scent Release Technology - unique formula with all day fragrance release.

  • Effective protection against sweat & body odour.
  • Long-lasting freshness.
  • Anti-stain action.
  • Skin friendly - Dermatologically tested.
This is what Fa says about their deodorant and can sort of agree with it. It smells very nice and gets rid of the sweaty odours we all have sometimes but it's not that long-lasting. I definitely have to respray it again a few times I day.  The thing I really like about it is the fact that it doesn't stain at all. I've had the white stains in my clothes that we probably all hate but this one doesn't leave any, I really like this because not a lot of deodorant don't do it. 

The scent is what made me buy it but I'm really happy with my choice and I think I would definitely repurchase it when I finish it. I didn't like the other scent of this line but maybe you will so just go and smell them. Scent is very personal and you shouldn't like something because somebody else likes it, just go with your guts. Deodorants are very personal as well but I can highly recommend it and I would love to hear if you like it as well!
You can buy the Fa Floral Protect Deodorants at the drugstore for €3,29.


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