Amazing Dutch Music #1

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The other day I was just listening to the radio when a song of one of my favourite bands came on. Dutch music is usually not that great (especially in Dutch) but we do have some amazing band that make awesome music an really deserve an international breakthrough. I mean, we have all those amazing Dutch DJ's like Tiesto, Hardwell, Afrojack, Martin Garrix and I could go on for a while but we also have some amazing singers, bands and other musical people. For today's post I thought it would be fun to share some of my current favourite Dutch music with you. Please keep in mind that I don't know much about music..
Kensington - Streets
Let's start with the band that was my inspiration for this post; Kensington. This Dutch Rock Band started in 2005 and they started to become very successful around 2012. Their second album 'Vultures' is absolutely amazing and their new single is even better. It's a really good single and I really hope this will become a huge hit all over the world. 
Chef' Special - In Your Arms
The second Dutch band I love is 'Chef' Special'. This band rock band is a little bit softer than the previous one but that doesn't them less good. Their second album was called 'One for the Mrs' and I really loved it but it didn't become a huge success here in the Netherlands. Now their new single is all over the radio and it's amazing. 'In Your Arms' is a soft sweet song and doesn't  really sound like the rest of their music but it's just as good. 
Mr. Probz - Waves
This incredibly handsome man had a huge hit with his single 'Waves' last year. It was a hit here in the Netherlands but sadly not anywhere else (at least not that I know). Now the remix of this song is slowly taking over the world  but I'm staying faithful to the original because it's just an amazing song.
 Go Back To The Zoo - Head Up High
One of my first 'real' concerts that I ever went to was from this band, 'Go Back To The Zoo'. I absolutely adores their first album but I didn't really like the second on, I stopped listening to them for a year or so but now they've a new album and it super good. 'Head Up High' is one of the 12 amazing songs on the albums and it's really really good. I could only find a live version of it on YouTube but even live the boys are amazing.
Blaudzun - Promises Of No Man's Land
This was the Dutch song of the Winter Olympics in Sochi. During the Summer Olympics in London it was a song from the Handsome Poets (another very good Dutch band) but this year it was this amazing song from Blaudzun. He looks a little bit weird but he makes amazing music and I would love to go to a concert of him in the near future.
Di-rect - Invinsible
This is the last Dutch band I'm going to talk about in this post but definitely not the least one. Here in the Netherlands this band is really popular but I don't think they are that well-known in the rest of the world. This is a shame because I think they can be put in the same row as Keane and Coldplay, they're just really cool and this song is very good.

I've done some music posts in the past but never one with just Dutch artists and I really enjoyed it. I love writing about my culture and the Netherlands in general. I think it's an awesome little country that doesn't get enough love in the world, especially the music. We have so many amazing musicians but apart from the DJ none of them really make it worldwide. I mean you might know the 'Golden Earring', '2 Bothers On The 4th Floor', 'The Vengaboys' and maybe 'Anouk', but I bet you don't know Krezip or the band I just wrote about. I would say check them out and let me know if you know any Dutch bands, singers of other musicians and which one from my post you love.


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