Products I've Used Up! March & April 2014

Hello my lovely readers.

Today it's time for the second post of empties this year. Sometimes you have those months that go so incredibly slowly and these past two were one of those. I felt like they continued forever and now that they are over everything is coming so quick and suddenly, in one and a half week I have my finals and that's SOO soon! The photos in this article are a bit rubbish but they just didn't want to be pretty, the light was bad and my mood wasn't that great either. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy it!
The first three products I finished are for your hair, a shampoo and conditioner from Dove and a dry shampoo from Batiste. First the shampoos, I love the dove shampoos especially the ones for damages hair with split-ends.These are the intense repair ones and I enjoyed them a lot, the do what they promise and keep my hair looking healthy and nice. This Batiste dry shampoo is another one of my favourites, ever since I discovered this version with brown powder it has been  a lifesaver. I have light brown hair and the normal dry shampoos always give me grey hair, this one doesn't. The only thing I don't like is the scent, it smells like chocolate and that's not something I really like in the early morning.
Than three shower products, two showergels and a salt scrub. The two showergels are from Fa from the 'Sensual & Oil' line and I really enjoyed using these. Vanille isn't my favourite scent but the scent of this shower gel was surprisingly nice, you can read my review about them here.  The other product is a salt scrub from Kruidvat (this is a Dutch drugstore), it smells like lavender and I loved it. The scent was very relaxing and it scrubbed all my dead skin away leaving me with supersoft skin. Before this version I used one that's called the 'Hammam', you can read my review here.
I also finished two deodorants and a perfume these months. The deodorant from Nivea wasn't that great, it didn't work and it just didn't do anything. The one from Dove is a deodorant I always use and never let's me down. This particular scent was really nice and perfect for this time a year. The perfume I finished is 'Seductive I'm Yours' from Guess and it's a perfume I've been using for a couple of years with a lot of joy. It's a good scent for the autumn/winter but can still be worn on those hot spring/summer nights.
These are the two skincare products I finished, a micellaire water from Vichy and a cleansing gel from Eucerin. The micellaire water is one of my favourites but still doesn't beat Bioderma, that review can you read here. The Eucerin cleansing gel was good but I only started using it because I had nothing and found this in the bathroom cabinets. I just wouldn't repurchase it because I felt like it didn't remove my makeup completely.
This month I finished quite a lot of makeup products, three foundations and a concealer plus more makeup on the next photo. The L'oreal foundation is an amazing light foundation for everyday that I used with a lot of joy everyday. I did think it finished quite simply but that's probably because it just has a opening, not a pump or something, and it sounds a bit stupid but it hurts a bit to throw the beautiful glass packaging away. I am putting the BB-cream (review) and the foundation (review) from Catrice away because they're old, I wrote the reviews more than a half year ago and I think it's time to put them in the trashcan. The concealer from Maybelline is my favorite under-eye concealer and as soon as Maybelline goes on sale again I will repurchase it.
These are the last four products that I finished or that went too old. This lipgloss from Catrice is gorgeous but got discontinued a while ago and now mine just doesn't smell good anymore. I wish I could repurchase it because it's truly a nice gloss. I'm also throwing away this NYC mascara, you  can read my review here, because it's three months old.  The Maxfactor smoky eye effect is an absolute no. The packaging is crappy and the product creases like hell. I have had this for some years now and I finally thought about including this in a empties post.  The last product from this post is a liquid eye-liner from Rimmel that I've been loving a lot. I'm throwing it away because it doesn't smell good anymore.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post!


Maybelline Color Tatoo in 87 Mauve Crush

Hello  my lovely readers,

First of all my apologies for Saturday's post. I usually post on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday but because of Kings Day I didn't have the energy or time to write a review for you. You'll have to forgive me for the coming month as well because I'll probably don't have time to write at all. In two weeks time I have my finals (which are also taking two weeks) and I'm currently very busy with learning for them. I'll do my best to blog but I just don't know if I'll have enough time.
Today I did find some time to write a review and it's a very positive one according to me, today I'm reviewing another Color Tattoo by Maybelline.
This is my third Color Tattoo and that says a lot about how much I love them. Here in the Netherlands, Maybelline is quite expensive compared to the USA, here they cost €10,49 and with the current rates that's $14,51. This is a lot of you look at the price in America, they cost there only $6, that's more than twice the price! In perspective, Mac is only $1.50 more expensive in America than the Color Tattoos are here in the Netherlands. It's just not fair!
But the price doesn't withdraw me from buying these amazing eyeshadows. I already own three (like I said); On and on bronze, Permanent Taupe and Pink Gold and they are all gorgeous. I love using them underneath another eyeshadow as a base and they truly last all day. The new one I bought is called Mauve Crush. Mauve is a very interesting color in my opinion, it's not purple is not grey it's somewhere in between combined with some blue. I personally really like this color.
The Color Tattoo's have a creamy formula and are usually packed with glitter or have a metallic sheen (there is only one matte version).  A thing all of them have in common is the pigmentation, they're all very pigmented and gorgeous.
This is the look I made with Mauve Crush, I like to call it my purple-grey-smokey-eye. It's really easy to do:

  1. Apply the Color Tattoo all over your lid as an eyeshadow base. 
  2. Use a pinkish brown (I used the second color of this palette) in your crease and make sure everything is blended together.
  3. Add a dark matte brown in the outer-v of your eyes (I used the one from this palette) and again, blend everything nicely.You can use this along your lower lashline as well. 
  4. With a fluffy brush, add a shimmery grey very lightly through your crease (I used the lightest grey from this palette).
  5. Add a highlighter in your tear duct area and on your brow bone (I used the one from this palette).  
  6. Finish off your look with some mascara (I used the Glamour Doll Curl& Volume Mascara by Catrice) and a nice winged eyeliner (I used the Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner).
And that was the look.It's soo easy and simple and you can do it even if you have little makeup skills. This looks is great for a night out I think (especially if you add some false lashes).
I'm very happy with my new addition to my Color Tattoo collection and I really want to buy some more to add to it. Maybe somewhere next month and you'll definitely read a new review if I decide to buy a new one. 
You can purchase the Maybelline Color Tattoos for €10,49.



Amazing Dutch Music #1

Hello my lovely readers!

The other day I was just listening to the radio when a song of one of my favourite bands came on. Dutch music is usually not that great (especially in Dutch) but we do have some amazing band that make awesome music an really deserve an international breakthrough. I mean, we have all those amazing Dutch DJ's like Tiesto, Hardwell, Afrojack, Martin Garrix and I could go on for a while but we also have some amazing singers, bands and other musical people. For today's post I thought it would be fun to share some of my current favourite Dutch music with you. Please keep in mind that I don't know much about music..
Kensington - Streets
Let's start with the band that was my inspiration for this post; Kensington. This Dutch Rock Band started in 2005 and they started to become very successful around 2012. Their second album 'Vultures' is absolutely amazing and their new single is even better. It's a really good single and I really hope this will become a huge hit all over the world. 
Chef' Special - In Your Arms
The second Dutch band I love is 'Chef' Special'. This band rock band is a little bit softer than the previous one but that doesn't them less good. Their second album was called 'One for the Mrs' and I really loved it but it didn't become a huge success here in the Netherlands. Now their new single is all over the radio and it's amazing. 'In Your Arms' is a soft sweet song and doesn't  really sound like the rest of their music but it's just as good. 
Mr. Probz - Waves
This incredibly handsome man had a huge hit with his single 'Waves' last year. It was a hit here in the Netherlands but sadly not anywhere else (at least not that I know). Now the remix of this song is slowly taking over the world  but I'm staying faithful to the original because it's just an amazing song.
 Go Back To The Zoo - Head Up High
One of my first 'real' concerts that I ever went to was from this band, 'Go Back To The Zoo'. I absolutely adores their first album but I didn't really like the second on, I stopped listening to them for a year or so but now they've a new album and it super good. 'Head Up High' is one of the 12 amazing songs on the albums and it's really really good. I could only find a live version of it on YouTube but even live the boys are amazing.
Blaudzun - Promises Of No Man's Land
This was the Dutch song of the Winter Olympics in Sochi. During the Summer Olympics in London it was a song from the Handsome Poets (another very good Dutch band) but this year it was this amazing song from Blaudzun. He looks a little bit weird but he makes amazing music and I would love to go to a concert of him in the near future.
Di-rect - Invinsible
This is the last Dutch band I'm going to talk about in this post but definitely not the least one. Here in the Netherlands this band is really popular but I don't think they are that well-known in the rest of the world. This is a shame because I think they can be put in the same row as Keane and Coldplay, they're just really cool and this song is very good.

I've done some music posts in the past but never one with just Dutch artists and I really enjoyed it. I love writing about my culture and the Netherlands in general. I think it's an awesome little country that doesn't get enough love in the world, especially the music. We have so many amazing musicians but apart from the DJ none of them really make it worldwide. I mean you might know the 'Golden Earring', '2 Bothers On The 4th Floor', 'The Vengaboys' and maybe 'Anouk', but I bet you don't know Krezip or the band I just wrote about. I would say check them out and let me know if you know any Dutch bands, singers of other musicians and which one from my post you love.


LOTD: Bright Easter Brunch

Hello my lovely easterbunnies!

Before I even start this post I want to take a moment and wish you all a happy easter. I know that it's already the second day of easter but don't post on Sundays (my schedule is Monday, Wednesday and Saturday). I still wanted to stay in the easter spirit and post a blogpost that fits into that theme. Then I thought, why not share my easter look with you?
Today I'm showing the look I wore yesterday to my grandmothers easter brunch. I will go into all the details of my look in this post and I think it will be a lot of fun! My clothing was simple and sophisticated but nice and bright and therefore perfect for the spring time.
My blog is and will be a beauty blog so therefore I'm starting with the makeup I wore. On the photo above you see all the products I used (except my brow powder, I forgot to photograph it). I kept it very simple with just one eyeshadow color and nothing really difficult. On the photos below you can see my final makeup look and underneath that you'll find a list with all the products I used.
The products I used (you can click on them to go to the reviews I wrote):
I didn't use that many products like I said and I kept it quite simple with just one eyeshadow, some liner and pencil underneath my eye. Lately I've been loving to apply this blue pencil underneath my eye, it gives you a very pretty pop of colour and it's the exact same blue as the blue that's in the top that I'm wearing.
Well this is me, this is the first photo that I've ever put on my blog in which you can really see me. You can see very well how bright the blue pencil underneath my eyes is and I think it's absolutely gorgeous. My green top with white sketchy flowers is from Topshop (I featured it in this post, you can see it better there) and my subtle necklace is quite old and from Forever 21. With this I just wore some skinny jeans from H&M and black pumps from La Strada. The perfume I sprayed on that morning is Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana.

And that was it for todays post, I hope you enjoyed reading it and I hope you liked the look I made for this easter. The weather here in the Netherlands was incredibly nice and it couldn't have been a better day in my opinion.
What did you do yesterday/today and did you have a fun easter?


Fa Floral Protect Poppy & Bluebell Deodorant

Hello my lovely readers,

I don't read or write a lot of reviews about deodorants simple because it's not that interesting. Most people stay true to the deodorant they've been using for years and for me that deodorant was from Dove. I always took a different scent than the one I used before but when I finished my last  one I decided it was time for a change...
Buying a deodorant is hard, believe me. I thought I could just pick up a new one but I was overwhelmed by the choices. The only thing I knew was that I did't want a roller, but that didn't make it any easier. Eventually I just started smelling them (even though your not really allowed to spray them in the store) and when I finally found a scent I liked I almost squealed. Luckily I didn't because that would have been really embarrassing. The deodorant I liked is the Fa Floral Protect in the Poppy and Bluebell scent.

There are some different versions of the floral protect line, three to be exact. The one I bought which is called 'Poppy and Bluebell', another one called 'Magnolia & Neroli' and the last one which is called 'Orchid & Viola'. Here in the Netherlands we only have the one I own and the 'Orchid & Viola' version. Each scent comes in three different version a deospray, a deo roll-on or a bigger deo roll-on (like the Lady Speed Sticks) but here in Holland we only have the deo sprays. For me that doesn't really matter because I prefer sprays but if you don't like them you cannot buy another version and that kind of sucks, right?
Discover the scent revolution: reliable antiperspirant protection and all day release of Poppy & Bluebell fine fragrance.Scent Release Technology - unique formula with all day fragrance release.

  • Effective protection against sweat & body odour.
  • Long-lasting freshness.
  • Anti-stain action.
  • Skin friendly - Dermatologically tested.
This is what Fa says about their deodorant and can sort of agree with it. It smells very nice and gets rid of the sweaty odours we all have sometimes but it's not that long-lasting. I definitely have to respray it again a few times I day.  The thing I really like about it is the fact that it doesn't stain at all. I've had the white stains in my clothes that we probably all hate but this one doesn't leave any, I really like this because not a lot of deodorant don't do it. 

The scent is what made me buy it but I'm really happy with my choice and I think I would definitely repurchase it when I finish it. I didn't like the other scent of this line but maybe you will so just go and smell them. Scent is very personal and you shouldn't like something because somebody else likes it, just go with your guts. Deodorants are very personal as well but I can highly recommend it and I would love to hear if you like it as well!
You can buy the Fa Floral Protect Deodorants at the drugstore for €3,29.


Spring Makeup Items

Hello my lovely readers,

Spring has landed and I thought it would be fun to pick a few items that suit this time a year. Just quickly showing some products that I love and fit into this time a year.
As I said I love these seven products that I love and remind me of the springtime. Most of them are pink but that's just the time that reminds me of spring, I can't help it.
The first item I picked is a lipstick from Bourjois. This soft pink lipstick is perfect for this time a year, it's a little bit sheer but not so sheer that you cannot see the colour anymore, the coverage is just perfect. The shade is perfect as well, it reminds me of blooming flowers (especially of hyacinths)!
The second item I'm writing about is the Kohl Kajal pencil from Catrice. I think this blue pencil is perfect for the springtime, especially when you wear it on your lower waterline. It gives you just the pop of colour that you need to  give your makeup look the touch of spring it needs.
This is one of my favourite shades to wear during the springtime. This particular soft pink shade is one of my favourites to wear during the summer but it's also really wearable during this.time a year.
The Color Tattoos from Maybelline are one of my favourite makeup items and this is one I bring out during the spring time. This pink shimmery base is gorgeous but I only really wear it during this time a year, I should wear it more though.
Revlon ColorStay 12 Hour Eye Shadow 05 Blushed Vines
This is an eyeshadow palette by Revlon that I love to wear over the color tattoo I just showed you. The soft purple shades go really well with the pinky color tattoo and the look it gives me has a super springy vibe. I never wrote a review about this because the eyeshadows were cracked when I bought it (in the dollar store for 2 euros) but I can really recommend it.
This is one of my favourite scents and eventhough I wear all year long, it's perfect for spring. The photo that you see is an old one and my bottle is currently 1/4 empty which shows how much I love it, doesn't it?
This is the only expensive item in this post (because I don't own that many expensive items) and that price isn't for nothing.  This Chanel lipstick is just amazing and it's a shade that I wear way too much. For the spring, this is the perfect shade. It's bright pink and matte (that's not on trend this year) which makes it basically me in a lipstick bullet.

I hope you enjoyed my little post with these pretty springy items, they made me very happy that's one thing thats for sure. You can click on the green titles of the products to go to the reviews I wrote about them.


Rimmel Match Perfection Light Perfecting Radiance Foundation

Hello my lovely readers,

I don't really like reviewing foundation because I find it really hard. They are very personal and everybody wants another things. Some people like a dewy finish and other people want a complete matte face, I personally like a combination of both. My skin is pretty fair so I don't need a lot of coverage but I do tend to get a little bit red sometimes. When it comes to foundations I'm not very picky but I do know when I don't like something. After I finished my L'Oréal Nude Magique Eau De Teint Foundation (review), I went on the hunt for a new one. Rimmel was on sale and therefore I went for the 'Match Perfection Light Perfecting Radiance Foundation'.
This foundation has been around for a while and I've read some really good reviews about it. According to Rimmel this foundation should be the perfect match that gives your skin a radiant glow and  it should stay flawless all day long. 
The foundation comes in a glass flask with a pump. One pump gives you just enough product to cover your whole face. My skin is very light and therefore I went for the lightest shade which is called '100 Ivory'. For me this is the perfect shade and it matches my neck perfectly at the moment (probably not anymore when I get a little bit more tanned). 
This is what my skin looks without any foundation. I'm blessed with a nice clear skin with a few red areas and some freckles/pigmentation spots on my cheeks. I never really have pimples or acne or anything like that and I'm very happy with that.
I've taken photos on separate days to show the foundation in different ways. On the photo above I'm wearing it in a natural way. I'm just wearing some eyeliner, mascara and some mattifying powder with bronzer and a hint of blusher.
And this is the more glamorous look (I wore it to a musical) I made. It's basically the same as the one before only with eyeshadow and red lips. I wore this eyeshadow duo with a little bit of grey from this palette through my crease. The red lipstick I'm wearing is from from Rimmel (number 1). 
I love the way this foundation looks. It's dewy but when you put a powder over it, it stays matte all day. There aren't any ingredients on the flask but I bed there are silicones in it, it just slides on too easy. I personally don't mind this but some people get break-outs from this. If you're prone to silicones you might pass this foundation on but if you don't mind (like me) this is a great foundation for you.
You can buy this foundation at the drugstore for €12,99.


New in: Asos Rings

Hello my lovely readers,

I don't have a review for you guys today, no today I want to show you the things I ordered from Asos. This is a website that I like very much and a while ago I placed an order there. It arrived quite quickly (in four days) and I was not going to share it at first but then I thought, why not?
I ordered two rings from there (this one and this one) and I've fallen in love with them lately. They weren't too expensive and I really like way they look. I got them in different sizes to make sure at least on of them would fit. One is gold and one is silver.

This gold 'Three Bar Ring' was on sale for €4,21 and it fits my ring finger perfectly. The ring looks quite big but still looks dainty, I know that that sounds weird but it really is that way. I don't really like the shade of gold it has, it too yellow which makes it look a little bit fake and therefore cheap in my opinion. Maybe I'll rub some sandpaper on it and let's hope that makes it looks a little bit cooler.
This is the second ring I got. It's a old looking leaf ring that I bought a size too big because I wanted it to fit my middle finger. I didn't had any rings that I could put on my middle finger but I really wanted it because I think it looks really cool and different. This ring is and was €7,02.
The rings came in a little black box that I did not expect, I was expecting to get them in an envelop or something but I was pleasantly surprised. And before I forget to mention it, the nail polish I'm wearing in the photos is from Essence and it's called '174 Purple Sugar'.