Spring Cleaning: Closet Clean-out

Hello my lovely readers!

I am very excited and I think you can guess why; SPRING HAS STARTED! The cows are jumping on the fields, flowers are popping up and the sun is shining again (the weather last thursday was amazing in Holland). Every year when spring is peeking around the corner, I start cleaning. Every year is the same, I just have to clean my room and then when it's clean, I can finally decorate with fresh flowers and pretty pastel colours. But now I'm talking ahead of myself, first the cleaningpart and today I cleaned out my closet. Lets get started.
This is how my closet looks in it's current state a very big mess. First you'll have to empty out your closet completely. I have a IKEA Pax wardrobe (1 meter x 0.50 meter x 2.50 meter) but I'm not very happy with it at the moment. I would really like another rail and more planks or something because this just doesn't work that well.
I started at the bottom (and now were here ;)) but I would recommend started at the top of your closet because dust will fall down again from the top shelves as you clean the rest out. Don't forget to wipe the whole thing clean before you do anything else.
Than I sprits a perfume in the empty closet (to make it smell nice), I use a very lightweight and  cheap perfume from Zara to do this and it works just fine. It makes my closet smell nice when I open it in the morning, a little luxury that makes life a little bit more pleasant. When I've done this I close the wardrobe for a while before I start hanging.
BOEM! Everything  I want to hang is in there. I hung the clothes in the following order (from left to right):

  1. Coats. Mainly wintercoats, I switched them for the season. I only kept my favourite wintercoat and my summer jackets down in the hallway.
  2. Special dresses. All my dresses that are for special occasions (including an orange one for the things like queensday (now called kingsday) and the football season.
  3. Other dresses. Sorted by sleeve length (longer to shorter). 
  4. Blazers and jackets. Sorted by shape (more structured jackets to looser jackets).
  5. Blouses. Sorted by sleeve length (longer to shorter). 
  6. Tops. Any other tops (sorted by type and sleeve length.
  7. Skirts. 
And now I'm almost done with this part of the closet, there's some space left underneath the empty hanger and I will put that to use!
Here I have a cardboard box with shoes (flip flops, sandals and such shoes) with two plaids on top. On top of that I have the box that I keep my empty products in.
Time to move on the area with planks, the area that I really want to change. My closet is very deep which makes it really quickly look very messy. My budget won't allow me to change this right now but I can do my best in making it as neat as possible.
I have this divider from IKEA which has been a lifesaver for keeping underwear, socks, belts and that kind of stuff in. Everything has it's own basket and it's very convenient, in the morning it's super easy to find some warm socks in the dark. This was completely stuffed  but I've thrown a lot of things away and now I even have one basket that's still empty.
My shorts I keep in a little basket (I've learned this trick from AllThatGlitters21 a while ago), a very easy and cheap way to organise your shorts. I don't have a lot of shorts, I never have, but now I have way too little (four, one is in the washer machine!!). Here in the Netherlands we don't get a lot of days to wear shorts but four is just not enough. But let's look at it in a brighter way, now I have an excuse to go shopping!
Next to these two baskets, I keep my folded tops. I will talk you through them quickly (clockwise). Next to my shorts I have summer dresses that don't need the be on a hanger, on top I keep my sport tops since the Dutch weather won't allow me to wear easy breezy dresses very often. Than I have sweaters, the stack is way bigger than it looks like on this photo because half of my sweaters is in the washer machine. I had to wear a lot of them lately. Than I have tops without sleeves and on the left I have t-shirts and tops with three quarter sleeves. After I took this photo I moved the tops with sleeves to the right, against the tops without sleeves. 
In the space I have left, I decided to put my jewelry. I'm not a huge jewelry-wearer, I only really wear necklaces but those are hanging on my door and therefore not here in my closet.
Than my favourite shelf, my shoes! Here I keep all my heels and I love having these out like this, it makes me wanna wear them and it's just pretty to look at. I placed the ones in the back full on top of shoe boxes (that are also filled with shoes). The only flat pair that I have here are those brown boots (I wear these in the snow) in the right, they don't fit anywhere else and they look nice there. 
This is what I made from the top shelves, this has some things from my dad and my little brothers but it also holds my towel and bed linen. To hide this I placed some bags and my Marc Jacobs Coca Cola Bottles in from of it. And that was it for the cleaning part, now your closet is ready for admiring. I took some photos from things in my closet and that what I want to end my Closet clean-out post with.
One of my favourite party dresses. This one from the H&M holiday collection 2012 is a true showstopper.
 A ring and bracelet from when I was a little girl.
My only vintage piece. My grandmothers mother brought this home from a holiday in Austria. My grandmother got this brooch from her when she had her first child (my father) and she passed it down to me on my sixteenth birthday. I don't know the exact facts but she got it in the sixties. The brooch is gorgeous but I haven't worn it because it isn't really my style but maybe when I'm a older......

Let me know if you want me to photograph more pieces in my closet and then I will do a separate post on that.


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